Don’t drink the bong water please..

From the diary of the absurd, proof positive the Arabs are never responsible for anything.

This is what you get for pandering to them for the last 58 years. Their own divisions in the UN, historically the highest per capita aid of any people. The perpetual refugee victims of their own folly actually believe their own bull, it is astonishing.. I'm left wondering if this Hamas elected official is living on another planet?

Enjoy this illuminating interview in JPOST with the Mayor of Beit Hannoun in Gaza, pls keep in mind the man has a PhD.

'Kassams aren't meant to kill' - JPOST

The mayor, a father of eight, insisted that the Palestinian "resistance" came from residents outside his town. "If any of them are from here then they cover their faces so that the residents don't know it and try to stop them."

In any case, he claimed, the Kassams were harmless. "These are very elementary rockets," he said. "They are not for killing. They are for rejecting the occupation."

He cited a lack of food and medicine in Palestinian cities as spurring the Kassam fire. "Five days ago, our house ran out of gas and we have no way to get more. All this hurts the people and pushes them to launch rockets. A hungry man is an angry man."

Kafarna said he favored "a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders. But the other side wants it all. They only gave up Gaza because it bothered them."

He added that seeking such a state did not automatically mean recognition of Israel's right to exist, but that such issues could be decided "step-by-step… Maybe if [after the creation of a state] I see stability and peace, and the situation changes, we can agree to live together." [...]

WOW, if that isn't a resounding endorsement of higher education I don't know what is. Clearly the INTL Aid is not getting through, the people are all drinking Bong Water.

These explosive packed missiles aren't for killing, they are for rejecting occupation, really now? That's rich, these Merkava tanks aren't for killing either, they are primarily used for light gardening work.

Send one thousand of them in, maybe after Israel levels every inch of Gaza and sees some stability and peace, we can all agree to live together.. Can you believe the nerve of these people / Palestinians!?

Harmless Israeli Lawn Mowers
Harmless 'Israeli Lawn Mower' prepares for light 'field duty'

  • Hey, I was impressed….the guy was able to correctly quote Bob Marley!  In all seriousness, i don't think that any international aid has been promised, so long as Hamas refuses to recognize Israel's right to exist, which should make it very clear that all Hamas has to do is say a few words to save these starving people.  Perhaps the Kassams at Hamas headquarters and see if they are meant for killing then.

  • Hi Scott

    There is no starving people, at least none more than the normal deep poverty for some that exists in gaza for a long time now which can make for a difficult life, specifically because the Palestinians have been so dependent for so long on the UNWRA for nearly everything. They are the ultimate welfare state, it is a nanny state in fact.

    I have read reports of how there is plenty of food, plenty of business going on, what the media portrays and reality can often be very disparate visions. Believe me if there were children dying of starvation because of the USA or Israel you would be watching it on TV endlessly. Propaganda is what sells most briskly of all in the Arab world sadly. Are people collecting aid paid for salaries, no they have not been, but they also elected a Terrorist organization to govern them.

    Also for others (not scottage) not current on the aid situation, there has been quite a bit of aid money to the Palestinians free flowing until now, including large EU donations. It just does not pass ‘theoretically’ via Hamas, and more is on the way.

    These are a people who manage to squander over a billion dollars a year in aid, no kidding they scream bloody murder if you say the taps are shutting off, they have been suckling at the breast for over 35 years. The concept of doing it for themselves is completely foreign to them, this sadly manifests itself in every facet of palestinian life from economics to politics.

    When one looks at reports, primarily from NGOs one must keep in mind that their funding & salaries have been affected too, it is their mission to rile people up with alarmism because they want the massive cash flows, they are businesses too not Mother Theresas. Every wheel needs its grease..