Why am I riding Amir so hard?

If one follows my blog, I am an extremely active poster in the domain of Israeli politics. Looking at the Emeer in this instance it is noteworthy to state that he insisted from the very beginning of coalition negotiations on the Defense Ministry. This was in fact a deal breaker for him, no Defense Ministry, no coalition.


Amir Peretz' advisors & handlers in the Labor party surmised that this election round was over, but in order to improve his standing in the future what Peretz required more than anything was credibility, and an image of toughness to combat the somewhat weak reputation he had as a peace dove. The fastest road to achieving this for political gain in their minds was the Defense Ministry.

Now I am an idealistic Zionist, that means that the ideals of Zionism for me must outweigh partisan politics or selfish political posturing, and most certainly – if such posturing does not strengthen or improve the Zionist ideal. A bit convoluted, but the concept is clear enough.

In my eyes, to step forward and seize a position one is not qualified or not particularly adept at for political gain is not only foolhardy, it is dangerous. One might argue that I'm merely rattling the Labor cage as a right winger, nonsense. There were qualified Labor Ministers able to take the Ministry if Labor insisted on it in the coalition, Ami Ayalon comes to mind immediately.

Welcome to the toughest job in Israel

Peretz was insistent. There's no free ride here, and I will criticize & scrutinize harder than most specifically because of this political play and rightfully so. By the very nature of the manner of his appointment Peretz has something to prove.

To the left he intends to prove that the Ministry can defang the 'warmongers', and teach a few lessons to the settlers who for some sick reason the left see as their enemies. This, while embracing the peace process which anyone but a deluded dreamer can tell you is non existent and with good reason.

Added to this which I consider already quite shameful, was the intention of the big cash grab. Taking money from the defense field while Israel is at war, and moving it to pad the Labor social agenda. Not a responsible halt to spending, but a partisan shifting of funds to glorify Labor and make them champions of the socialist ideal, at the expense of Israel's security. That is Labor unmasked, and what is underneath is not pretty.

To the center right he intended to prove that he is command worthy, a tough guy who can lay it down on the line in the hopes of securing fresh votes and support to a seriously faltering party that for a decade now has been totally lost, both internally and at the polls.

The best is yet to come

The apologizing, the questioning of his defense forces activities, the fiasco of how the Gaza beach incident was handled while Peretz was the senior man in the country with the PM abroad, these are black marks on Mr. Peretz. His internal struggles transcending his inner self and translating to State policy, dangerously I might add. Peretz is playing politician, tug of warring between his constituency and the benefit of the State, and it is offensive to me.

Peretz' War

If I add the war that is coming, a war not on Hamas, not on Terrorists, not on securing Israel, but against settlers outposts at a time when this should be the LAST thing on Israel's agenda, then it becomes quite clear to me that there will be no get out of jail free cards for Peretz here at my blog.

On top of civilian casualties in Gaza being mishandled by the Ministry out of sheer weakness, we will now have images of settlers being beaten with clubs, feeding the beast of hatred that is the International Media needlessly & callously for little to no gain other than political stripes within the left camp of Israel. The satisfying of their frustrations and hatred at the expense of Israel – Then I ask you in return..

How I can I not ride Amir Peretz hard?

This is what you wanted and were prepared to sacrifice the Government for, so welcome to the big show Mr. Peretz.

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  • Stop apologizing
  • Stop criticizing the IDF / IAF
  • Stop moving the red lines
  • Stop widdling away the deterrence
  • stop gunning for settlers needlessly
  • Stop serving your partisan politics and start serving the State of Israel and then you will see the hashmonean support in spades.

Some of us Zionists are prepared to rise above the partisan politics, let's see the politicians do the same. If you are wondering, Olmert will get his here soon too.