Bibi weighs in on policy

Bibi - Under my government there were no rockets'No rockets when I was PM'
This speech to the WZO is well worth a gander, read the whole thing at YNET 

Netanyahu said that when he was prime minister there were no Qassams or rockets. There were, however, Hibzullah Katyusha rockets in the north. He added: Once, when there was massive Katyusha firing on Kiryat Shmona, I acted and said from the beginning that I would not tolerate having civilians under massive Katyusha firing.

Netanyahu also said he acted against infrastructure in Lebanon, turning out the lights in Beirut, and threatening that this was the first portion. The rocket fire ended and didn't return for years, he said.

Of course one must avoid hitting innocent civilians, said Netanyahu, but they must know that in the end we cannot tolerate Qassam fire on Sderot, he added. [...]

  • Bibi is so desperate to have another round as PM>

  • wooo.. It doesn't look good Jack, I think Kerry has a better shot in 08 and I'd hate to see either's odds in Vegas!