Peretz: I am going through difficult times

YNET on the minister's comments at the Caesaria conference after two Palestinian civilians were killed (selected quotes from the article)

"I am going through difficult times; unfortunately, this report I received has to do with innocent people paying a heavy price in this conflict."

"As defense minister I want to try and implement my vision as a man of peace; I believe in dialogue as a solution."

It is worth noting not in attempt to ridicule or minimize any loss of life, that the total Palestinians civilians killed in the entire last month doesn't equal a large suicide bomb attack casualty number in Israel. My question is simply this, if a full scale war were to erupt and suddenly a hundred, two hundred, a thousand people were killed, on either side of the conflict, could Amir Peretz defend the State of Israel? Could he maintain a clear focus and even picture?

You know it is shocking to say it, but some people just don't have it in them, the steel will required in conflict. I empathise with Mr. Peretz' humanity, it is a terrible thing when innocent people are killed in war. When I consider the threats facing Israel which are growing higher as stated by Israel's intelligence chief yesterday, I am again openly questioning the appointment of Mr. Peretz as the Defense Minister of Israel.

Visions of peace

Peretz wants to implement his vision of peace while Hamas an internationally recognized terrorist organization leads the Palestinians, just like the Taliban led in Afghanistan, while literally thousands of rockets are fired on Israel population zones which also include critical infrastructure, while the Palestinians elect officials openly calling for the utter destruction of the State of Israel and Iran echoes those comments while building missiles and nuclear weapons, and Al Qaeda forms a foothold in the Gaza strip.

The 2nd most powerful man in Israel, in charge of Israel's defense is openly and publicly speaking of his inability to handle the situation, which frankly is on a low burn right now compared to what might erupt at any minute..

I too am in shock Amir.

UPDATE: Peretz to Halutz: Preferable to cancel missions than risk harming innocents.

Again the Minister suggests the IDF is acting irresponsibly?
If we are stating the obvious allow me to chime in..

Saus to Peretz: Preferable to resign than be thrown out of office.