Iran continues enriching uranium

From Iran Focus, the mockery continues.

The EU & America put forth what I consider an absurdly sweet deal that crosses all red lines in an attempt to halt the crisis, one which any nation who actually DIDN'T intend to develop nuclear weapons would jump at so fast you might lose your hand dangling it in front of them.. Full on appeasement that would make Chamberlain himself proud.

But does Iran embrace it? Take it seriously? Respond in kind?

No, they delay their response to 'hopefully' the end of August, buying yet again months of time despite the 2 weeks that have already passed and the statements by the EU & the US that Iran had weeks to respond. THEY ARE ENRICHING URANIUM for pete's sake, how long will this farce continue!?

June 21 (Bloomberg) — Iran will wait another two months before replying to a European Union offer of incentives aimed at encouraging the Islamic Republic to halt its uranium enrichment program, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said.

"We will review the proposals on the basis of our legitimate right, and, God willing, we will give our opinion regarding the proposals toward the end of Mordad," the Iranian month ending on Aug. 22, Ahmadinejad told supporters in Hamedan province today, state television showed in a live session.

This is an "awful long time" to respond, U.S. President George W. Bush said at a news conference today after a meeting with EU leaders in Vienna. "It shouldn't take the Iranians that long to analyze a reasonable offer."

While Iran wasn't given a precise deadline to respond to the offer, Bush said June 9 that Iran has "weeks, not months" to decide whether to suspend verifiably its nuclear enrichment activities to avoid United Nations Security Council action.

The delay may raise tensions with the U.S. and the EU, which have accused Iran of buying time in negotiations.

I'm the GOOD guy in EuropeWait for it now, the weak European excuse makers will pop up any second.. One, two.. *pop*
few, here's one now!

Alternatively, it may give Iranian leaders in favor of a compromise with the West more time to convince others, said Bernard Hourcade, head of Iran studies at France's National Center for Scientific Research.

"What's key is to find a durable solution. Many people in Iran are strongly opposed to any opening to the West. They would have sabotaged Ahmadinejad's decision if he had accepted the EU offer today," Hourcade said in a telephone interview from Paris. "If the decision is well thought out, odds will increase that a consensus may emerge."

Now Assmad is the good guy, and there are people opposing him from stopping the development of nuclear weapons, the INVERSION in Europe is approaching sheer insanity levels. It is classic, picture perfect text book appeasement.

Ahh the French, love 'em or hate 'em, they truly are a special breed of slime. Bernard, I think I'll raise a glass of wine and toast your pitifulness tonight, but don't expect it to be a french vintage because I don't drink or buy anything from the Republique any more, I prefer Made in America.

: I was curious about our Iranian expert Bernard, so I googled to find some of his works.. This one popped up

He's quite the cheerleader for the EU's failed approaches. From 2 years ago:

[...] By signing, together with the French, German and British foreign ministers, an agreement under which Tehran undertakes to respect international nuclear rules, Hassan Rouhani, head of the supreme national security council, breached for the first time the wall of fear that paralysed decision-making within Iran's theocracy (6). Instead of taking refuge behind the anti-Israeli and anti-US cant that hid a huge political vacuum, the Islamic government has understood the changes at international and national level. It has agreed, with no possibility of turning back, to enter into a partnership and abandon a policy of separation and clandestine action. The measures to introduce transparency that Iran has taken in an area as sensitive as nuclear weapons still have to be supplemented and confirmed to restore confidence and facilitate alliances, but the decision of principle has been taken.

The agreement in the nuclear field, in which France played a key role, is also revolutionary for Europe. For the first time in 50 years it has seized the initiative from the US and proved that its method is effective. While applying pressure and occasionally threats, Europe proposed a positive outcome that met Iran's needs and legitimate expectations: access to modern technologies and a role in regional security.

Whereas 25 years of US ostracism had had no effect in Iran, the European initiative promising an immediate outcome meant that it was possible both to provide security guarantees to the international community and to condemn the erring ways of revolutionary Iran.

Renault's decision to create a car plant, at a cost of $891,469,215, intended to replace the famous Peykan, which has been in production for more than 40 years, confirms Iran's stability and its lack of major political or economic risks. That investment shows that Iran is no longer considered at risk of turmoil because of some new revolution that would block its development. Like Total, when it breached the US oil embargo in 1995, Renault has understood the real implications of Iran's awakening. Other companies are following. [...]

Can you taste the dripping anti-americanism? The Glorious France and European multilateral achievements!? The endless Bullshit? The Billion dollar French investments?

Expert indeed, two years on this reads like an Archie comic. Remember Bernard, when you hear the siren and see the flash of light, Duck & Cover.

Europes method proved Effective! <— Yeeha, up until we all discovered the 20 year old clandestine nuclear program, up until Iran threatened to wipe Israel & the USA from the map, very effective stuff indeed. Tell us some more about the BIG European $$$ investments in Iran, I'm all ears.. 

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