Should Israel halt air strikes as well?

Now that shelling is in my opinion wrongfully over, there are sadly more kids caught in the crossfire today from an air force missile strike. The IDF statement mirrors my feelings on these matters exactly.

The Israel Defense Forces expressed its regret "if civilians not involved in terror activities were hurt in the operation," adding that "responsibility lays on the terror organizations and on the Hamas government."

What can be done?

Not very much in my opinion, does Israel halt the air strikes as well? It will never end, the Palestinians live and worship a culture of martyrdom and death. They offer up their children dressed in mock suicide vests as young as babies. How do you combat a sick society that glorifies the murder of children and puts them up for sacrifice in order to outrage the decent people around the World and tarnish its enemy?

It is either deal with the terrorists from a distance who mix themselves in with civilians and use them as human shields, or risk the lives of IDF troops in ground operations which even further causes outrage and still cannot avoid the intertwined terrorist civilian mix. In the media war, which suffers from moral equivalence issues there is no winning for Israel. To halt the operations is to succumb to the falsehood that attempting to target the terrorists that results in civilian casualties is the same as the terrorists who actually just target civilians. It is not.

The Front Line in the War on Radical Islamic Terror 

If that happens, not only is Israel lost, but the whole battle against radical Islam, terrorists, and a murderous ideology which will threaten our way of life all over the West will be lost too. The Palestinians are a failed people, until they actually want peace it is absurd to believe they will get any, this is the life their leaders, brothers, fathers have made for them and I have no pity. They desire more to destroy Israel than to live and build a better life for their children, between those two options I choose let them die if that is their will. They are welcome to join the rest of humanity at any time.

The front line is ugly, whether it is the Gaza strip or Baghdad, but to give it up only means the ugliness will hit home in the rear lines, be they New York, Tel-Aviv, London or anywhere else. The IDF does its best to avoid civilians, more myself I cannot ask. Israel could always mimic the armed forces of many other nations in history and simply murder everyone in sight as has been common from the noble armies of Europe, where scorched earth and pits was the fighting doctrine..

Barbarossa – the Invasion of Russia

[...] It was the stated policy of the Nazis to kill, deport, or enslave the Russian and other Slavic populations, whom they considered inferior, and to repopulate the land with Germanic peoples. The entire urban population was to be exterminated by starvation, thus creating an agricultural surplus to feed Germany.

Or perhaps the nobility of the UN 'peacekeepers' who use food as a means of raping 8 year olds.

When that day comes when the rest of World employs even a shred of the morality of the IDF in their double standards, maybe I will feel differently.. That day is far off. Until then, if the target presents itself and an effort has been made to limit loss of life, engage it full force and without doubts.

UPDATE: Silvan Shalom states the realities facing Israel

YNET has an article with statements from the Foreign Ministry as well as Likud leader hopeful Silvan Shalom

[...] Former Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom (Likud) said, "The killing of Palestinian children leads the world to criticize Israel. But if I was foreign minister today, I would embark on an active public relations campaign, which shows the side of Israeli suffering."

"The method is active campaigning. Not apologizing, but presenting the position of Israeli citizens that are victims of Qassam attacks and Palestinian terror. This is the only way we can influence world public opinion," Shalom said.

Shalom identifies mistakes in Israel's current public relations tactics. "The mistake comes from the government's stuttering. Olmert and Peretz stutter and don't do what they need to. Every person involved in terrorism, including the Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, needs to know that he may have to pay the price. Israeli public relations should say that no one is immune and Israel will act to realize its sovereignty," he added.

I could not agree more.

  • Adam

    This is totally out a grave act of state terrorism.  How can any culture, religion or civilization accept innocent children being killed?  This news comes as a great tragedy and anger at the state of the Zion terrorist Jews.  With all the money they suck from the poor effected Palestinians and funding they get from their ally US, they yet fail to recognize that Children will be killed with their sophisticated military and technology.  The world and especially the west have shown double standards and clearly have view Muslims as non-Human beings thus killing few children here and there does not matter.   This act of Jewish terrorism is well orcastrated and designed to increase the anger of the Muslims living in Palestine and the rest of the world.  This (as the Jewish state terrorists know) will have retaliation which is what they want, so they can continue striking the future (children) of Muslims.   Had this been other way around the world would consider this an despicable act of state terrorism, but since it’s the Muslims on the receiving end they shall proudly label it as “Israeli self defense”.  This is double standard by the west and I totally reject any excuse from any official whether he be in Palestine, Europe or America.

  • I didn’t see your outrage when Israeli civilians were killed, nor a call for an immediate halt to all terrorist activities and the immediate arrest of all Palestinian terrorists openly operating against civilians from the Gaza strip.

    The word hamas, who are responsible for this doesn’t even appear in your comment, it is you Adam who is suffering from double standard issues.

    Innocent children have been killed sadly every single day on our planet for the last 5000 years of recorded history, yet no culture, no religion, no civilization expresses much outrage. Even now hundreds of thousands of children are starving to death, you have bigger things to worry about Adam than this concept of Israel targeting Muslim children. Where’s your outrage?

    If Israel were targeting Muslim children today, yesterday, or in the last 58 years of this conflict I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but they’d all be dead. The reality is that this is the terrible price of war, war I might add the Muslim world declares on the Jews every single day, not the other way around.

    If you cannot see the difference between Israel reacting to terrorism and Muslims initiating it, then perhaps you need glasses. The State of Israel will defend itself, no matter how many are killed to the last man & woman on this planet. I suggest you start coming to terms with that as well as the concept that your permission or acceptance of these facts is neither required or sought.

    Such is the perogative of people subjected to Genocide throughout history. Look it up, they are called Jews.

  • Neil

    "the Zion terrorist Jews.  With all the money they suck"  … a vampire reference and a stereotypical money reference side by side … who is dehumanizing who here, tell me… And saus that reply may be the best thing you've written since the blog started… I'm proud of you man.

  • Thanks Neil!

    Sorry your comment was caught up in the spam filter, I set it free so to speak ; )