Lessons from Korea

The Clinton administration went the multilateral way & appeased North Korea in regards to the Nuclear Weapons issue.

Millions & millions of dollars later the North Koreans have still developed their nuclear weapons program (thanks for the cash Bill!), furthered their ballistic missile program to the effect that it is now causing a crisis as they are fielding missiles that can reach anywhere on the planet, have proliferated both of these technologies to unsavory countries around the world for even more cold hard cash..

Well done. It is so comforting to me that the lessons of appeasement have been learned not going back all the way to distant WWII, but just to a few years ago. I'm grateful to Europe for realizing that appeasing Iran is the only way to ensure this crisis envelops us all.

THANK YOU EUROPE! THANK YOU! – Other than prosper, be safe and happy I'm just not sure what we'd do without you! I'm relieved beyond measure that Clinton was such a big believer in the multilateral dream, I can only hope that we master the arts of cloning soon so we can make dozens & dozens of Javier Solanas to 'manage' the World's problems because surely this guy is the way to go.

Don't listen Javier, stand on your record! 

Other than having accomplished absolutely nothing in the Mid East, zero in regards to proliferation & nuclear weapon threats, and the total rejection of the EU concepts and constitution in general, I'd say Javier & Company are on a serious roll!

I'm changing the tag line of my header to: "In Solana, We Trust."