From Sheba, with love

Israpundit gets the goods on apparent Olmert statements in France regarding the willingness to depart from the Sheba Farms on condition that territorial borders be marked, and that Lebanese troops remove Hezbollah from the borders of Israel.

Belman inserts the point that Hezbollah need be disarmed, and that a peace treaty with Israel also be a condition. I’ve posted much the same here on a number of occasions, though I will say that Lebanese troops on the border is a de facto disarming of Hezbollah in my opinion.

Why AGAIN is Israel willing to cede position without a FIRM peace treaty!?

As it is Siniora the Lebanese PM is pushing to have Israel chastised in the UN, continuously berates Israel, and employs some of the most backwards thinking I have ever seen for a country oh so close to final true independence, keeping it oh so far. I guess the failed people that are the Palestinians are rubbing off on the Lebanese, apparently Olmert’s close geographic proximity to these failed people is also affecting his brain.

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