Israel Inside: Intel’s new Israeli cores set for takeover

Israeli Cores Absolutely Smoking

Intel shares have been getting hammered, but the next few years will feature made in Israel technologies which are taking over the World’s largest semiconductor maker.

Intel vs AMD

The Pentium 4 was a flop, Intel’s number one competitor has been running circles around the company. I followed AMD as an investor starting about 8 years ago when I read the details on their K7 series of chips, otherwise known as Athlons, I celebrated when the K8 series of chips continued to pound the performance drum, and I profited time & time again on the dips & rises of AMD, buying & selling confident in the technology which was wiping the floor of Intel.

Quite a run, I picked up AMD originally at 12 dollars, it has since split and settled at around 25 bucks, and the rises and dips in between have put a smile on my face. Truthfully, I’ll smile even wider when Intel seeks revenge, not because of profit this time, but because I love Israel. There may be more AMD profits ahead to be made, but the cycle is about to reverse. Why? it’s all in the codenames.

Banias, Merom, Yonah, Conroe

Banias, is one of the sources of the Jordan river in the North of the Golan. It was the codename for a whole new way of doing things at Intel many moons ago. Centrino, Pentium M, you’ve probably heard of them if you have shopped for a laptop in the last few years. They are based on the banias chip developed in Israel by Intel.

But the story is getting a lot juicier this summer. The Pentium 4 as we know it is no more. Replacing it is a whole new way of thinking, literally.. and it is designed in Israel. It’s called the CORE Architecture and the results seem to point to returning the performance and bang for the buck crown back to Intel.

Intel’s Israeli gurus have massively lowered the power consumption of Intel chips, improved their ability to think, doubled their cores putting two chips in one, upped the bits from 32 to 64 allowing for even more computing headroom, they are about to unleash some serious mega-hurts on AMD.

From desert to desktop

Intel has embraced the new Israeli designs across the board, Intel chips and computers going forward may as well carry the slogan ‘Israel Inside’. Merom is a mobile / laptop chip, impressive in every way and it will be winner, but all eyes this summer are focused on Conroe, the new desktop chip with Israel inside.

Conroe is entering its launch window, the early benchmark numbers point to a powerhouse of a chip, cool, quiet and blistering in the speed departments. Improvements in speed have been clocked at over 150% over the Pentium 4 in some cases, and beat the best AMD has to offer currently. These numbers are with the 1st variants of the new chips, meaning their introductory or lowest speed grades which will only go higher over the next 2 or 3 years as the chip line evolves.

It’s quite a story, the silicon wadi as it is known is about to make a very big impression. Most people just want to boot up their computer and couldn’t care less about anything else, but those of you in the know should take great pleasure in the fact that those PC’s will have Israel inside, I know I do.

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