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Defense Update Israeli Urban Combat Series

9 pages of defense loving

I’m of the mind that IDF troopers will have a very busy year, and that some form of ground operations will be expanding to counter the rocket threats that are slamming into Israel ceaselessly..

What can I say other than if you are interested in Israeli Defense, or perhaps Urban Warfare which will characterize conflict this century, and perhaps you want to know how the most experienced & best in the World are doing things in this regard?

Check out Defense Update for this feature. It’s part of an even larger focus on urban conflict. Covering strategy, lessons learned, new technologies and much more.

I was tempted to lick my monitor when visiting the page. Laughing

  • soccer dad

    There’s a website . You should send this to him.

  • saus

    Sure, Noah’s site is cool!

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen links in his posts to defense update, but no harm no foul ; )

    my email is away

  • westbankmama

    Ok, the article is cool – but it’s not chocolate man!

  • saus


    My adoration is not by choice, these are reflexive impulses of a committed (synonym for crazy) Zionist!

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