Iran’s Defense Minister: We will defend with NUKES

JPOST: Iran would ‘use nuclear defense’ if threatened 

After years of horseplay, games and blinding appeasing fools, Iran let’s loose with the reality.

They will employ nuclear weapons, intend to deploy nuclear weapons, and will willingly use them.

This is a serious escalation, it invalidates much of the sorry positions of Iranian appeasers. Hearing this after the much maligned gestures of appeasement by the Bush administration these past 2 weeks regarding sweet deals for Iran, one is only left wondering what more the World, specifically the EU needs before they get SERIOUS about this threat, now the number one global threat to the West!?

Axis of Evil

it is worth noting these words of worry come from an official meeting with Syria, where a defense pact or understanding between Iran & Syria was put in place to ‘counter the US, and Israeli threat’

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