Washington Times Op Ed Parallels WWII

On Iran & Europe

The gutlessness is peaking, rather than deal with a lone rogue nation, one of the World’s top destinations for terrorism support, proliferation etc, one that is pursuing nuclear weapons, threatening to wipe nations like the US & Israel, is utterly repressive of Women & freedoms, a nation that wallows in its own anti Semitic filth and which is looking to force its insane leaders’ ideologies on populace world wide just like Hitler did, rather than tackle this, again we get appeasement.

Washington Times highlights Europe’s weakness

The mental path to appeasement – By Tony Blankley

Check it out, instead of a fix we will have the potential in a few years for a full scale world war, just like in WWII. When people today who didn’t know those years speak of them the common refrain is often ‘why didn’t they just take him out and be done with it’ in reference to stopping Hitler by hook or crook.. It seems so easy, clear in hindsight, yet faced again with the same scenario Europe’s weakness shines through, it’s the path to appeasement.

Double Shame

What strikes me most, one of the open targets of Iran is Israel, implicitly threatened with destruction and followed up by the means to do so. Just like in WWII the Jews can be saved by Europe, just like in WWII again the Jews are the target of madmen & scapegoats, and just like in WWII this generation of European elites, commoners, and leaders alike should bow their heads in shame. Nothing in Europe is changed, and Europe is not such an enlightened place, it is merely an anti Semitic one. The cradle of human weakness last century, apparently set to retain the crown.