Dems may lose leading light

I saw this over at Breitbart, Sen. Lieberman, who ran as the vice presidential candidate in 2000 may be going independent in his upcoming connecticut race. Of course Mr. Lieberman is a devout man, staunchly moralistic and one of the more sane Democrats still left around..

What a shame that the party which has not stopped attacking him from the left, may lose such a leader. Endemic of the malaise of the Democrats in the US, which is in reality now two parties. One trying to responsibly lead, and the other a cabal of left wing wackos, and when I say left wing wackos I mean it. Dean and company have all lost their minds, even gore is being gored these days.

The loss of a respected leader like Lieberman would be a monumental blow to the party. On homeland security, on bipartisanship, on reforming the intelligence services and other critical fronts Lieberman has been a driving force in Washington, not too mention his support of the Iraq mission and the United States of America in general.

Neither Kerry, Edwards, or Gore have accomplished very much, if anything lately as outspoken ‘leaders’. What’s left? Hillary!? Nancy Pelosi!?

I look at the Republicans with Giuliani & McCain, if you threw another independent minded but highly respected senator like Lieberman in the mix, hoooah that’s a potent mix.