Once more unto the breach, dear friends..

New faces, Same Game 

Iron Fist or Open Hand?
With an upsurge of terrorist war already underway, what is undetermined is how Olmert / Peretz will weigh off next to Sharon / Mofaz in the anti intifada dept. This one will be primarily rocket based, there’s only one way to clean that up.. Head into the casbah.

Olmert shows flashes of tough Zionism, mixed with endless progressive thought watering his mind, who will step forward this intifada, the Zionist or his wife, the ultra liberal peacenik!?

Union head, or Hamas head buster!?
And for Mr. Peretz, will we get a partisan Labor Union leader, or a guy who can grow & quickly having been nominated to the 2nd most important position in Israel? The answer for me to these questions will determine what sort of resistance Israel faces, and for how long and how damaging..

  • I still can’t get my brain around the fact that Peretz is our defense Minister. It smacks too much of an "over the top" comedy routine….