3rd Intifada

There’s a real frenzy breaking out in the Mid East this week, I’m buckled down preparing for my own move there so my blog will have to be quiet in the mean. In any case, the war with Hamas which is coming is not surprising, the 50+ kassam shells that hit Sderot this weekend are not surprising, and the elimination of Hamas’ terrorist ‘army chief’ was equally not surprising..

On April 24th I wrote the following when the terrorist Samhadana was appointed by Hamas:

When a Terrorist Organization appoints a Terrorist to lead security it is an expected move, I have not deluded myself at all as to whom would control the Palestinian security services with Hamas in power, terrorists that’s who! I found other aspects much more relevant..

The only newsworthy bit I gleaned from this issue so far, is that Hamas has written their new security chief a death warrant.

We’ve been given a glimpse at what will probably be the 1st Hamas terrorist in Govt to be liquidated <- that’s the real headline.

It should have read:
Hamas issues death warrant – Dead man walking appointed to head security.

He was the 1st Hamas Government official to go down. I also had some real problems with Defense Minister Peretz, and there’s no surprises there either, his reaction so far to the need for strength by the IDF to face this inevitable war with Hamas is lacking, Labor of today is not Labor of yesteryear, it’s not Mapai.. Now Labor is weakness. Weakness begets violence when dealing with Jihadists, and the 3rd Intifada is now underway in my opinion.

Just like the 2nd intifada, the blame goes to Israel over a suspicious incident like the Mohamed al dura affair (the staged killing of a young Palestinian boy which made media sensation), which was really merely one of a few pretexts to the war. Similar to today where we now have stray shells over Gaza beaches, possibly again originating from Palestinian fire.. In both cases the under belly of the Israeli government is exposed, the PR game.

Unfortunately for Mr Olmert’s best laid plans, the future is going to feature some serious engagement on the part of Israel, not disengagement, whether his Defense Minister is up to the task or not.

  • I agree with you.

  • Heck if we are all wrong, fewer people will die.. So I’m willing to be highly mistaken, is Hamas willing to look at their ideology and view it as highly mistaken as well? If not.. looks like violence to me sadly.