So Katie is moving on

My posting has been low lately and I was surfing news to see if there was something I wanted to comment on, I ran into plenty of Katie Couric stories about leaving the today show.

Who cares and why!? I can say matter of factly that I couldn’t give a rats ass about where Katie Couric is at any time of the day, and the sappy liberal fest that is the today show exacerbates my already difficult issues with the breakfast meal which usually consists of early morning monitor radiation..

If Katie Couric falls in the forest does anybody hear!? More to the point, with the main stream media looking like buffoons of late with their shoddy journalistic standards, even worse journalists and hokey stories, It behooves me to understand why the mighty anchor position is still considered all that mighty, these people read 60 point font text off a prompter for a living today and are valued by their hairstyles..

How come I can’t watch the Beltway Boys in the morning, that’s what I want to know? If Brit Hume shows off a little leg does that mean I can get some real damn news in the AM!?