Israeli Trophy – Headed for Sheriff deployment testing?

I’m still on the trophy case, that gorgeous new defensive anti RPG weapon system developed in Israel that appears truly astounding to me in its effectiveness against one of the worst threats mobile ground forces face, missiles, RPGs, & anti-tank weapons.

I’ve previously posted about developments on the trophy, including apparently the US Army’s rejection of the system.

But, the Pentagon Brass at the OFT (office of transformation) has not given up and I felt that would probably be the case, here’s an article on the overall OFT defensive weapons plan for mobile vehicles in theatre, the article mentions trophy as part of that effort (known as Sheriff) and states that some Sheriff equipped vehicles will soon be off to deployment for field testing, that means the trophy is likely going along too so the OFT still seems quite a bit more positive on employing the technology than the Army is apparently..

National Defense Magazine has some scoopage..

The Army, meanwhile, intends to continue to evaluate Trophy and other competing technologies before it decides to procure any system.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker said it is premature to commit to the purchase of the Trophy system, at least until it undergoes more thorough testing. "What we’ve found is that traditionally people have made claims about things that have not been tested," Schoomaker told reporters. He said he is aware of Israel’s development work so far, but that is not enough to convince the U.S. Army that this is the right system. "We want to make sure that what we put precious dollars against works … Manufacturer’s claims don’t tend to be the way we judge things."

Under the future combat systems program, the Army recently awarded a $70 million to the Raytheon Co. to develop a hard-kill active protection system. But that technology is not expected to be fielded until at least 2010. The Army also has to develop tactics and procedures for the operation of vehicles with active protection systems. [...]

Pffft.. That’s a pretty weak quote the Army Chief of Staff gave on this issue, the Army did not get very good PR from the fact that it was leaning towards a weapons system still over half a decade away, while troops face off with Rpgs in a war NOW, with an apparently effective implementable solution possible today.

At least they are still looking to ‘evaluate’ now, as opposed to just ignoring the issue as was the case apparently from what I had read.

Smells like teen spirit to me

That manufacturer the General is talking about that wants to sell him those Israeli developed Trophies?

General Dynamics, the same ‘iffy’ people who manufacture the Stryker & M1 tanks these defensive weapons would be mounted on themselves. Come now General, which one is it, internal politics or iffy manufacturing lofty claims, and how come you sent 70 million dollars to Raytheon to try and speed develop a theoretical system that CANNOT be tested properly now while totally avoiding the one that can!?

I still maintain it has something to do with the BILLIONS such a weapons contract will be worth over the next few decades, mixed with the politics that simply do no belong in the Army, but are better suited for Washington..

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  • The worst threat is the Israeli and Jewish "left wing" those who think that one can buy peace.

  • Hi, they are thankfully made insignificant precisely because of this foolishness.

    The real debates as I see it are between the right and the center, neither of which believes in any peace being forthcoming.. but disagreeing on effective ways to find a solution for the interim.

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