All hail the multilateral morons

The news is awash with manufactured excitement over the USA laying out conditions for talks with Iran. The conditions call for a total, verifiable suspension of uranium enrichment. Of course the multilateral proponents amongst us are giddy, this is what they have been harping about for months now, direct face to face US & Iran negotiations.

Cover up the total EU failure

The UN cheerleaders and multilateralists have little to be joyful over. They have yet to produce a single success, anywhere. The boasts of the enlightened European way have produced nothing but failures, if anything situations have regressed since bozos like Javier Solana have stuck their grubby little UN hands into matters.

For all the EU complaining about how the US carries our policy, the Americans at least get some results which is more than I can say for the multilateral dreamers. If the EU ‘negotiators’ manage to drop the burnt potato on the US plate, they wash their hands of responsibility and answer for nothing as usual. This pattern of failure, and washing of the hands is practically the UN definition today, we should update the dictionaries.

No suspension of enrichment, no advances in talks, furthering the Iranian quest for missiles & bombs, not even a consensus of the big players on how to proceed with action. ZERO RESULTS.

I’m glad for the US

The exact same thing that happened in the run up to Iraq is happening again, just like his speech to the UN and the delay for more resolutions that resulted in nothing and eventually unilateral action, Bush is again coming to the international community’s whims by granting the Iranians the multilateral sanctioned way out.. He’s appeasing the EU losers, and just like last time when again the EU bullshit fails to achieve anything, he’s going to tell them to shove it where the sun don’t shine when the bunker busters start falling from the sky.

Meanwhile these UN morons and their BS and corruption, they continue collecting money hand over fist, squandering time, money effort and never achieving a thing, as I stated only nearly always making things worse. Who pays the bill for this EU laissez faire notion of reality!? Mostly the US tax payer.

I’m predicting strikes

Get your monies worth folks, all this EU bullshit is on your dime. But don’t fret because it is now clear as crystal that we will see US military strikes of Iran’s nuclear weapons program in just under 8 months. Bush, Bolton, Condi, no one was impressed by the hailed in Europe letter of pure antagonism that Iran dispatched to Washington, and the statements that Iran will not under any circumstance be allowed to achieve nuclear weapons capability, those are as good as cashable at the bank now.

Reversal of fortune

If anyone thinks that the US believes in any shape manner or form that Iran is not pursuing such weapons, they are multilateral morons. Your bluff is about to be called, and all this talk of carrots and sticks is going to look like romper room nonsense once the Tomahawks start launching off the Aegis Cruisers in the gulf. If you have a problem with safeguarding the next century from Islamic Terrorists with Nuclear Weapons I suggest you book your flight to Iran now, the regime there is going to need all the pansy westerner support they can get.