Israel’s eye popping economy

A glance at these numbers tells the tale, despite the terrorists best attempts, or the recent fashionable boycott syndrome one would have to be a lunatic to divest from Israel.

The economy is on fire.

Globes has the details:

Israel growing at over 6.6%
The Central Bureau of Statistics says industrial output rose by an annualized 7.4% in February-April.
Zeev Klein 31 May 06 14:49

Israel’s economy is now growing at over 6.6%, its growth rate during the first quarter, according to collated economic indicators for February-April 2006, published by the Central Bureau of Statistics today. The data indicate that industrial output rose by an annualized 7.4% in February-April, imports of raw materials increased by an annualized 8.7%, and the export of goods rose by an annualized 8.8%.

Tourist hotel overnights rose by an annualized 58% in February-April. Trade and service proceeds rose by 2.4%, and labor inputs rose by an annualized 8.9%. Only one indicator, import of investment goods, fell by an annualized 9.6% in February-April.

The unemployment rate is continuing to drop. The unemployment rate fell to 8.7% in the first quarter from 8.8% in the fourth quarter of 2005, 8.9% in the third quarter and 9.1% in the second quarter.