High Praise for the IDF

Peretz giving the IDF some ropeIDF Special Forces ambush Kassam cells

Fresh from their recent hezbollah stomping victory, the IDF nets another big success. This time ground troopers flex their skills, 7 Islamic Jihad terrorists killed in clashes and kassam cells busted-in mid launch

IDF Special Forces operated deep inside the Gaza Strip late Monday night in the first ground operation there since this past summer’s disengagement, killing four Islamic Jihad operatives on their way to fire Kassam rockets at Israeli targets. In West Bank violence, three Palestinians were killed in clashes with IDF troops.

The military force laid ambush later Monday night for terrorists in the northern Gaza village of Beit Lahyia. Backed up by IAF helicopter fire, the ground troops opened fire at a terror cell they spotted on its way to launch Kassams and killed four while wounding an additional eight. [...]

Peretz maintains the even keel, giving the IDF some rope has resulted in yet another success. The Jericho Siege, the blistering campaign against Islamic Jihad, the crippling strikes to Hezbollah watch stations. These big victories dictate the tenor of the conflict, the IDF is doing some good work.