On the badges

I have a post written, as I saw this story at its source in the Canadian National Post, but I’m just not jumping until I see more and confirmation. In any case, if it takes something like this to get people up in arms.. Clearly the efforts to explain the nature of Iran, the nature of Islamic Fundamentalism when employed as a political regime has entirely, and utterly failed.

Not a day goes by when radical Islamists don’t call for jihad, holy war, slaughter of the ‘pigs and monkeys’ in mosques, on pulpits, in speeches, and in cafes and restaurants on the street. Forget markings and ribbons, Iran is openly calling for the destruction of the State of Israel, radical Islamists openly call for wrath on the unbelievers, including moderate Muslims themselves while at the same time developing the very weapons to carry this out.

Iran and Muslims, as well as Arabs across the World mock the Holocaust as an invention, a flight of fancy while in the same breath truly believing that Jews of all people blew up the WTC. All I see is that the Western World is simply incapable or unable to absorb the realities of what we are facing despite years of it staring us in the face.

  • The power of symbols is stronger than most people realize.