Luck of the Irish!

Which explains a lot seeing as I’m Jewish.

See, I have a bit of a luck deficit. I’ve never won anything in my whole life (well other than election type things in school) but lotto or bingo or prizes? Zip.

It doesn’t happen for me. In fact the only thing involving luck I seem to excel at is roulette in Las Vegas, I always win in Vegas, maybe I’m just good at roulette, but I’m not sure since I don’t want to push my luck and don’t play anywhere else.. You see what I’m dealing with here!?

Jewish Blogging

In any case my zero luck streak continues. Two months ago I signed up to jewishblogging to get my blog syndicated (woohoo!)

Got my confirmation email welcoming me, got my handy link in on the right side blogroll and waited. It said in the email it may take a day or so I think, so I waited, and waited.. But my luck kicked in, suffice it to say two months later I’m not listed. Ok, not a big deal, it slipped my mind in any case.


Then this week I found Jrants, more syndication! (it is may sweeps week after all). Perfect, I figured sign up there and we’re good to go. So I filled out the form, got my link in on the right hand blogroll and fired that baby off!

I don’t think I need to tell you how this story ends, suffice it to say that my luck is consistent and Irish.. I am not.

At this rate I’ll be signed up and unlisted to every service on the internet in no time!! LOL

I could try and save a little face here and pull the old "they aren’t too fond of the Jews" bit as my excuse, but somehow I get the feeling that isn’t going to fly!

  • Wow, that sounds exactly like what happened to me the numerous times I tried to sign up for the list of Jewish bloggers. For some reason, I never can get myself approved! LOL. Cheer up, maybe you can contact those services and leave them a little reminder.

  • I guess it’s either that, or throw off all wordly possesions and join the monks in Tibet where I can be sure this luck situation brings little harm to anyone…

    Look out, there’s probably a mountain coming down near katmandu when I get there : )))