Islamic Fundamentalism will set you free of your need for freedoms!

Iran trying to jam TV signals, mulling confiscating all satellite dishes which are illegal in Iran

You don’t need personal freedom, you don’t need information, the theocratic state will provide for all your needs. There’s no need for debate, equalities, personal choice. Cover yourself, grow a beard and take down your satellite dish or prepare to be flogged infidel boy.

Oppressive regime of madmen: Allah provides for all the entertainment & knowledge you need

BBC: Iran targets foreign broadcasters

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), a hardline body guarding the gains of the 1979 Islamic revolution, intends to increase the number of jamming stations in Tehran and other cities from 50 to 300 within two years, an Iranian online paper has reported.

The independent online paper Rooz says new technology will be used in an attempt to block specific satellite channels broadcasting from abroad. [...]


Plans are also afoot to clamp down on the possession of satellite dishes within Iran. Although they are illegal, the ban has not been rigorously enforced in recent years. Now the authorities are talking about confiscating satellite dishes and fining their owners.

At the same time, the Iranian state broadcaster Voice and Vision is seeking to expand its overseas broadcasting while controlling incoming broadcasts and channelling them via the state network and cable subscription services. A member of the parliamentary cultural committee said that such broadcasts should "not be contrary to the values and principles of Islamic and national culture".

Big Brother is watching you, jamming you, protecting you! Allah be praised.

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