I’m very happy to note that some cooler heads are prevailing again in the conservative blogosphere regarding the illegal immigration issue as well as presidential policy laid out earlier this week.

I was disheartened by the uproar that started before the speech had even aired, but many of my favourites are again looking at debating the issues, finding common ground and keeping the Conservatives and President ever strong.

All Things Beautiful has a big post up, looking at the rift that opened and aiming the criticism where it is in my own opinion best utilized. The issues that have been bothering me, were nicely laid out in one of her links as well.

Sister Toldjah had a great look yesterday as well, her comments at the top sentiments I can share with ease regarding the need to digest the issues before drawing the lines in the sand. She also linked to some of the topics and blogs you’ll find just above.

Thank goodness for the conservababes, it appears the sun will still come up again tomorrow after all! Read all about the US Senate activity and the debate as it begins to frame and take shape regarding securing the US southern border.