AP plays the Good Fence, Bad Fence game.

Everyone is talking about fences, all of a sudden Israel’s amazingly effective fence is not such a bad idea, business as usual.

Broken record: Osirak

The pattern repeats itself over and over again. When Israel attacked the Iraqi nuclear Osirak reactor the world including the USA were up in arms, the reactor was named after its benefactor Jacques Chirac before being reduced to rubble in a daring and widely admired military operation. Years on, the planet breathed a sigh of relief that the dangerous path to Iraqi nuclear weapons had been thankfully nixed at the bud. But Israel referred to in European circles at times as "that shitty little country" paid the heavy PR price.

Broken record: Pre-Emption 

When Israel on the forefront of the Jihad against the West used highly effective measures such as targeting walking time bombs in pin point defensive military operations, the killing of such homicidal civilian mass murderers raised outrage, calls of Israel being a pariah state and Jews being Nazis commonly echo loudly around the World.. Yet today that policy is now firmly rooted in American National Security Policy, and other nations facing the civilian mass murder threat quietly acknowledge not only the effectiveness, but the need to pursue the same.

Broken Record: Isolating Terrorists

After Israel presented the case along with documentation that Yasser Arafat, the so called reformed Terrorist was still very much complicit in terror, still very much complicit in murder, Ariel Sharon surrounded Arafat’s Muqata compound isolating him from the privileges of leadership Israel had granted him and the PA. The World issued vociferous condemnation, vigils for the brutal terrorist ensued and media elevated the issue to World obsession with daily 24 hour Arafat watches, smuggling in cell phones and making it seem as if Arafat was starving to death. The numerous wanted Terrorists holed up in the compound with Yasser were all but ignored.

Of course, once the Taliban was shown complicit in funding and supporting terror and sheltering Al Qaeda, the World lept into action in Afghanistan and isolating the bad guys would not prove to be harsh enough, full on regime change (thank goodness) was quickly slotted at the top of the menu.

Broken record: Jenin

After the slaughter of the elderly and the never ending stream of mass murder, Israel committed its young soldiers to the difficult task of entering the Jenin terror breeding camps and cleaning up the terror factories. Of course, it would have been easier to deploy fighter bombers and simply level the place but Israel, featuring one of the most noble armies in the World consisting of conscripted civilians went house to house, suffered horrible losses with 18 soldiers killed in an effort to spare innocent human life.

The ‘outrage’ was splashed across every newspaper on the planet, accusations of massacres, comparisons to Bosnia, Nazi Germany, ethnic cleansing dominated media. Condemnation from every corner for weeks on end continued, Saeb Erekat humiliated himself on television claiming over 500 civilians murdered.. The UN and every sane rational look at the situation showed no massacres, no ethnic cleansing, no civilians targeted for murder. The notion turned out to be preposterous yet few retractions were printed and to this day many believe some sort of ridiculous massacre took place in Jenin.

Today international governments and militaries line up to visit with Israeli military experts, Israel’s innovative tactics, including the dangerous and difficult house to house method of engaging terror while trying to save innocent life is considered a model for the World to follow.

Today, broken record: Security Fences

After Israel announced and began construction of the security fence along the seam line of the West Bank the planet frothed at the mouth like a rabid dog. Israel is an apartheid state, Israel is an international criminal, Israel to the Hague in a sham farce of ‘international justice’ stacked with typical despots for judges. Even as the suicide bombings plummeted media buried their heads and claimed it was untrue, touted humanitarian disasters which never manifested and even now protesters picket and raise their signs calling Israel and Jews Nazis.

Israel’s fence is now acknowledged as being a major life saver, apartheid is in reality nowhere to be found and other nations are looking to Israel’s lead, like this AP report on the US considering emulating the Israeli fence for the massive and porous US / Mexico border. While the AP acknowledges the effectiveness of the fence, it wastes no time shedding a few tears for the poor Palestinians and Mexicans, both now apparently ‘humiliated’ and subjected to ‘cruelty’ spending plenty of time highlighting the so called ‘unjustness’ of it all..

The same old fable repeats itself, with a slightly different tune.

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