The Unholy Alliance expands to the Nation State level

Chavez can’t shut up for even 30 seconds, mulls selling his used US F-16s to Iran

Iran Focus via AP

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – Venezuela is considering selling its fleet of U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets to another country, perhaps Iran, in response to a U.S. ban on arms sales to President Hugo Chavez’s government, a military official said Tuesday.

Gen. Alberto Muller, a senior adviser to Chavez, told The Associated Press he had recommended to the defense minister that Venezuela consider selling the 21 jets to another country.

Muller said he thought it was worthwhile to consider "the feasibility of a negotiation with Iran for the sale of those planes."

Even before the U.S. announced the ban on arms sales Monday, Washington had stopped selling Venezuela sensitive upgrades for the F-16s.

Chavez has previously warned he could share the U.S. jets with Cuba if Washington does not supply parts for the planes. He also has said he may look into buying fighter jets from Russia or China instead

There’s not much military value to pawning off these fighters, but what is enlightening is how Chavez is the same old moonbat lefty we all know and love, only leadership style. He endlessly berates the US, Bush on a daily basis, based mostly on his own fantasies, and when challenged with a dose of reality as in the USA responding by telling him he’s out of their weapon export business.. His reaction is typical unhinged and childlike, lacking substance weight or reason.

He’s like Michael Moore, only caliente!

He’s the big moonbat on campus as far as I’m concerned, BIG player in the anti imperialistic struggle I tell you!!! Even more curious or lacking any semblance of sanity, a few days ago he claimed the US was preparing to attack Venezuela!? Whatever that means, but hey it is always a good idea to pawn off your 21 plane strong airforce, right before the World’s superpower attacks you. This worked wonders for Saddam Hussein who did the same thing and we all know how well it turned out for him.. That’s what I love about the socialists, they’re really grounded, keeping it real – fantasy style!

I was going to put a photo in of Chavez, but then I’d have to look at him all day today and it’s not happening.