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The entrance of Prodi as the new left Italian Prime Minister and his block of commies, ever troubling.

Two incidents from Ynet on the resulting mood change that results when left wing Jew haters take command.. I was worried about it, and I still am as this important relationship between Israel & Italy, ranging from technology and military cooperation, to previous vocal support for Israel sadly seems likely to be on the wane.

Italy apologizes for Holocaust cartoon

Israeli, Jewish pressures cause Italian Lower Chamber speaker to apologize for caricature published by Communist Party, which showed separation fence with welcome sign paraphrasing Auschwitz’s ‘Work Liberates’ – Yossi Bar

ROME – Israeli and Jewish pressures have led the Italian Lower Chamber Speaker Fausto Bertinotti, leader of the Communist party, to apologize Monday evening for the publication of a cartoon perceived as anti-Semitic printed in the communist newspaper Liberazione.

The official apology noted, "In these hard times, satyr which can harm the Jewish community should be avoided." [...]

Commie bastards.. Of course, the love doesn’t end there, radicals always feel emboldened when they feel the swell of support which results from other radicals coming to power via official elections.

Milan: Gravestones damaged in Jewish cemetery

About 40 tombstones knocked over after cemetery closes Monday night; ‘I believe Milanese will know how to act to this cowardly act,’ city’s deputy mayor says – Associated Press via Ynet

About 40 tombstones in Milan’s Jewish cemetery were knocked over during the night, a city official said Tuesday.

The damage occurred sometime after the cemetery was closed Monday evening and before it was re-opened Tuesday, and authorities are investigating, said Giorgio Colombo.

The vandalism – along with the burning of Israeli flags during a recent march to commemorate Italy’s liberation from fascism – has raised concerns about anti-Semitism in Italy’s financial capital.

"I believe that the Milanese will know how to react to this cowardly act," said Milan Deputy Mayor Riccardo De Corato, denouncing "Anti-Jewish vandalism." [...]

At least the Mayor of Milan who is a tolerant fellow is taking the matter seriously, unfortunately these incidents and the ones linked previously here at the Hashmonean since the Italian elections, are merely symptoms of more left wing hatred to come.

I miss you already Mr. Berlusconi.

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    Let’s look at this particular post as an example, the reason there was an apology up there from Italy is because of the existence of Zion, without Israel and the longing for it, the Jewish people would be lost.