Arafat, PA implicated in direct funding of Terrorism

It has been claimed by Israel for a long time as quite evident, but now the indictment comes from a former PA Security Funds Manager, and it’s damning.

Also revealed, Iran & Hezbollah’s direct hands in fermenting anti Israel Terror, these are acts of war and the reality of this explains a lot to the doubters of Israeli policy over the last few years, justification and more. The Europeans most especially have egg on their face with the big claims and grandiose studies of how funds and aid in general never reached terrorism in the PA. Makes the endless pressure on Israel to appease in European style and deal with corrupt warmongering terrorists seems hollow indeed.

It is clear as daylight that the more things change, the more they stay the same.. the PA was and is a Terrorist Organization.

Former Arafat aide: He purchased arms with Israeli money – YNET

Former PA security funds manager Fuad Shubaki says during interrogation that PA funded terrorist cells that operated against Israel; also revealed: Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hizbullah coordinated Karine A arms ship with senior PA senior [...]

read in full at YNET ; read in full at JPOST

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