The Horowitz Frontpage is jamming

David Horowitz’ Frontpage Magazine is making it happen this week.

Melanie Philips doing Londonistan in America.
Touring to promote the book frontpage caught up with her in a great interview on the current state of the UK, I’m a big fan of her clear vision of the ills facing Europe, check it out.

Noam, you’re an idiot
Horowitz, who’s copy of the Anti Chomsky Reader I pulled out this week in honor of Noam Chomsky whoring himself in Lebanon with Hezbollah, takes the unholy to task in Noam Chomsky’s Love Affair with Nazis.

  • Neil

    My theory on Noam is that the iconoclast shtick is helping him get laid.  He’s probably got the star-fuckers of the loony left lined up around the block on campus.  The guy’s no dummy- a nihilist and traitor yes, but no dummy.

  • I’d add he needs to cut down on the weed a little too..