Latest European appeasement initiative? Rejected

Add it to the ever growing list of European style diplomatic appeasement failures

AP via MSNBC: Iran rejects incentives to end nuke enrichment

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran’s president said Sunday it was pointless for Europe to devise an incentive package if it required Tehran to stop enriching uranium – effectively thwarting the latest international diplomatic effort before it even began.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke on state television after returning from Indonesia, where he was warmly welcomed and won developing nations’ support for the peaceful production of nuclear energy.

The hard-line leader said proposals for a political and economic package being shaped by the European Union were "invalid" if "they want to offer us things they call incentives in return for renouncing our rights." [...]

Those silly Europeans, how can Assmad ever agree to enrichment being done outside of Iran, you can’t build dozens of nuclear bombs very easily that way, astounding we are still in this appeasement mode and people are talking about the price of gas.

Other guys dream about supermodels, I had a dream that Europe was the World’s superpower, that’s almost as scary as a Nuclear Iran! I need to cut back on the iced tea..