Has Olmert hit the brakes on his Labor led government?

Defense Minister initiative to transfer cash and support to PA not tabled

Polls in Israel show disillusionment already with the results of the elections from every corner, not very surprising since nobody won. In such a situation a party like Labor or any other that is crafty can seize upon the vaccum, push its own agendas to the fore and dominate the slate of affairs.

Want some candy?

The revelations of Israel’s new defense minister of ideas and plans regarding the Hamas and Palestinian fronts seem insane to me. All this lovey dovey Kadima Laboring has resulted in a government leaning way too left. Labor has been effectively using spin, media and the natural chaos of the recently formed Kadima party and new government to prop up their end of the deal nicely, they’ve overshadowed Olmert despite the numerous crisis issues brewing in Labor, despite the fact that Peretz has not secured himself in his own party.

Kadima’s support in Israel is equally fickle, this isn’t a grass roots party. Made up of the center the right and left, the feeling I’ve been getting is that the right portion has been marginalized (both in the coalition, and out) and it’s enough to already have me questioning kadima personally. The responsibility lays at Olmert’s feet as the party leader, and PM of Israel. Unless Olmert acts as such, his coalition will walk all over him and its no secret that coalition is far reaching to the left. It seems this thought may have dawned on Mr. Olmert..

Olmert needs to get his hands on the wheel before his party ditchesYnet: Olmert shows Peretz who’s boss

Government deliberately refrains from discussing Peretz’s initiative to transfer NIS 50 million (USD 11 million) in humanitarian aid to Palestinian Authority, this after defense minister’s statement that Olmert should meet Abbas – Ronny Sofer

Olmert’s exercise in leadership: The government deliberately refrained from discussing Sunday Defense Minister Amir Peretz’s initiative to transfer NIS 50 million (USD 11 million) in humanitarian aid to the Palestinian Authority.

The decision to remove the issue from the government meeting agenda follows a meeting between Olmert and Peretz last Thursday scheduled after Peretz said Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert should meet after Olmert returns from his expected visit to Washington. [...]

If things roll as they have been until now, where the left rules the roost while the electorate didn’t mandate such, and Olmert can’t seem to flex any center right muscle this government won’t last through 2007. I don’t see good news coming out of Olmert’s Washington visit, not on Iran, not on convergence, and not on Hamas.

Olmert best not just apply brakes in an occasional slowing action, but make judicious use of the steering wheel as well.

Without the support of the right which helped bring Kadima a total of almost 30 seats, they get 5 in the next election, and that’s if the party doesn’t implode before. When you have no grass roots, it helps to at least lay some sod in your most fertile region, so far Kadima’s grass laying skills are sorely wanting to me. The seeds of this government were sown by Ariel Sharon, but the flowers so far have been coming up looking like Amir Peretz. I don’t like the smell, I don’t think the majority of Israel’s electorate does too.

When the hard right starts making noise and clashing over settlements and they will, if Olmert doesn’t have the center right with him – Sharon’s center right, he doesn’t stand a shot in hell and I’ll be frank, over the last 4 months those voters are being alienated in droves, if there’s one thing they can’t stand, it’s weakness.

Humantarian ‘Crisis’ – Billion and billions of dollars later..

If they are thirsty in Gaza, let them drink the blood of the martyrs as Hamas suggests until they realize that peace, security, Israel and coca cola taste a whole lot better. Its enough already dedicating entire UN organizations to the Palestinians, billions of dollars, numerous peace initiatives, all for nought. The last thing we need is the Defense Ministry of Israel pandering to them while they call for Israel’s destruction. The PA has plenty of money, plenty of people still buying guns and bombs, it’s enough with this we’re suckers syndrome. (Friyers)

Europe has their panties in a bunch? Let them send food, like in Africa, what kind of international aid pays salaries, the salaries of tens of thousands of affiliated terrorist gunmen on top of it all!? Drop in food and medicine if you’re such a humanitarian, anything else is plain jane support for a terrorist government and that is EXACTLY what the PA is.