Eurabia joins Iran on assault USA

Europe running out of options, staring years of total diplomacy failure in the face and facing difficult realities is spasming in my opinion

Check out the Eurabian assault, not on Iran but on the USA courtesy of the likes of the french AFP, all in the last few hours alone.. (Via Yahoo News)


PARIS, May 12, 2006 (AFP) – The European Union is considering offering Iran regional security guarantees if it agrees to abandon sensitive nuclear activities, the French foreign ministry said Friday.
Spokesman Jean-Baptiste Mattei said a package under consideration would include security guarantees together with economic measures and other steps intended to assure Iran it would have access to nuclear power for peaceful purposes if it renounced activities suspected of creating a nuclear weapon capability.

These ideas are being given shape by three EU members — France, Britain and Germany — which have conducted past fruitless negotiations with Iran over its controversial nuclear programme [...]

US must talk directly talk to Iran: Annan AFP

VIENNA (AFP) – The United States must talk directly to Iran about its disputed nuclear programme because Tehran will not negotiate seriously if Washington is not involved, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said.

"As long as the Iranians have a sense that they are negotiating with the Europeans ad referendum (needing referral for a final decision), and what they discuss with them will have to be discussed with the Americans, and then come back again to them, I am not sure they will put everything on the table," Annan told reporters in Vienna on Friday.

European Union efforts since 2003 to win guarantees that Iran is not making nuclear weapons have foundered, with Iran pushing ahead since April on enriching uranium for what can be nuclear reactor fuel but also nuclear bomb material. The United States has refused to talk directly to Iran but backs the EU diplomacy. [...]

Russian Security Chief Warns Iran Could "Explode" if Military Action Launched

Any military action against Iran could cause the regional situation to "explode", according to the head of Russia’s Security Council Igor Ivanov quoted by AFP.

Ivanov called for a diplomatic solution to the international standoff over Iran’s nuclear program.

"Any military action in Iran will lead to consequences that could seriously explode the situation in the region and beyond," he was quoted as saying Thursday by ITAR-TASS and Ria Novosti.

The United States and their European allies fear Iran is hiding a secret military program behind the building of a civilian atomic power capacity. [...]

There are more..
The results of this European failure and subsequent focus on the USA instead of Iran where the situation is only growing worse?

Iran unmoved by UN’s ‘carrot & stick’ AFP

TEHRAN (AFP) – Iran on Thursday appeared unimpressed by a new UN Security Council attempt to wield carrot and stick in the crisis over its nuclear ambitions, with a top official ruling out any halt in sensitive fuel work.
The influential head of Iran’s hardline parliament also repeated a warning that the regime could quit the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) if it felt its "right" to have an atomic energy programme was being violated.

"The Islamic republic of Iran refuses to lose time and will in no way accept a suspension of enrichment," Gholam Ali Hadad-Adel was quoted as saying by Iranian news agencies.

"The Islamic republic’s policy is not to leave the NPT," asserted the official, who is close to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

"If our relationship with the IAEA (International Atomic Enegy Agency) is one of both obligations and rights, we will stay in the NPT. If that is not the case, staying in the NPT would be of no interest to us," he warned.

Iran insists it only wants to enrich uranium to make nuclear fuel, but the process can be extended to make weapons – hence Western demands for a moratorium. Hadad-Adel’s comments came as the United States, unable to win support for sanctions against Iran, gave its European allies "a couple of weeks" to draft a fresh approach to persuade Tehran to drop its disputed nuclear programme. [...]

Of course, the strategy is doomed to failure because Iran has no intention of giving up the nuclear weapons drive, but that doesn’t preclude the AFP coup de grace..

US shrugs off pressure for direct talks with Iran AFP

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Despite growing pressure at home and abroad for direct talks with Iran, the United States is pointedly staying behind the scenes in efforts to rein in Tehran’s suspected nuclear arms program.

The Americans have resisted calls they sit down with the Iranians even as European efforts to negotiate a solution were stalled and a drive for tough UN action appeared to be going nowhere.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan was the latest world figure to call for greater US involvement in negotiations to head off Iran’s uranium enrichment research and alleged bid to build a nuclear bomb. [...]

All this in a few hours, part & parcel of the deflection of responsibility from Iran, to the USA in the media. Assisted in great part by a slime filled corrupt UN (Michelle Malkin Hot Air Vent Video) and European appeasers left holding their irradiated testicles in their hands.

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