Culture of Martyrdom

Memri provides a disturbing look into the culture of sickness now bred out of Palestinian extremism and political Islamification, broadcast on Syrian TV.

Culture of Martyrdom - Memri Video
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"Martyrdom is the Most Noble Sacrifice One Can Make for the Cause"

Palestinian author ‘Adnan Kanafani: "I think martyrdom is the most noble sacrifice one can make for the cause – a cause pertaining to the essence of being, to life and death. This great people – the Arab people as a whole – has managed to shape a new culture from these ideas – the culture of martyrdom.

The opponents try to bring us down from this honor, with claims about suicide bombers, terrorists, and so on. But we don’t care about that, because we have rights, and we sacrifice our souls in order to attain these rights. Therefore, the martyrs are the vanguard of this nation. Because of the blood they have sacrificed, the very least we owe them is to always remain optimistic that victory will be ours one day."

"The Mother in Our Arab and Islamic History Has Always Sacrificed Her Children and Prepared Them for Martyrdom"

"The mother in our Arab and Islamic history has always sacrificed her children and prepared them for martyrdom. This is rooted in our religion, our culture, in our values, and our upbringing." [...]

"The mother is the school that prepares the children and sends them to martyrdom in defense of the homeland. This culture is within all of us. I always see mothers who utter cries of joy when they learn that their sons were martyred in battles in Palestine, in the Golan Heights, or Iraq." [...]

These aren’t Imams, or the Ayatollah.. These are journalists and a University teacher, this perversion has permeated culture.

"As Long as There are Mothers Who Give Birth, the Processions of Martyrs Will March On"

Ibrahim Za’rour: "Our commitment to the martyrs will be manifest in continuing on the same path – the path of martyrdom – and in raising our children on the love of martyrdom, on the love of sacrifice, on altruism, on love of the homeland and of liberty. We have no choice but to continue with these processions of martyrs, and to remain close to one another. As long as there are mothers who give birth, the processions of martyrs will march on."

Forget for a moment the mass murder and the utterly reprehensible reality of all this. The target is Jews so this kind of depravity is acceptable in some places, what about the culture of martyrdom committing wholesale child abuse on entire generations of Arab youth.

What kind of Peace can you negotiate with people who believe in depraved crap like this, and what kind of abnormal culture airs this kind of incitement on TV!?