Hamas confession on Jordanian TV

Terrorists at large nabbed, just like COPS!

Jordan is pretty old school. Human rights etc, it takes a back seat to security in the Kingdom. Say what you will about the need to coddle terrorists, but the Jordanian methods appear somewhat effective to me. You can be sure these confessions were not obtained in return for cookies and milk..

Jordan TV airs Hamas members’ confessions
Associated Press

Jordanian state television on Thursday broadcast confessions by three Hamas members detained in what Jordan said was a plot to target its officials.

Hamas denied the charges and accused Jordan of trying to undermine the Palestinian government, which it now leads.

The three suspects said in their confessions that they were Hamas agents who monitored Jordanian intelligence officers and foreign tourists, apparently for a possible attack. Two said they acquired arms and ammunition for Hamas.

The television showed footage of weapons, including dozens of hand grenades and Iranian-made Katyusha rockets that were seized when Jordanian police arrested 20 Hamas activists in raids that began April 18.

The broadcast of the confessions came one day after Jordan said it arrested more than 20 Hamas activists for smuggling weapons into the kingdom with a view to attacking various sites and military and civilian officials. The government had previously said the weapons were brought in from neighbouring Syria.

Hamas officials – along with the Syrian government which hosts Hamas’ exiled leadership – have denied the accusations.

Just in case anyone is wondering.. You don’t go free in Jordan after being caught with weapons, and planning terror operations.