Awakening ally needs foreign espionage

My home and native land Canada has been slowly awakening like an old bear from a deep hibernation thanks to its new conservative government. Our troops are down in Afghanistan doing what Canada can until we can repair our under supported military..

Terrorism and Al Qaeda threats

Meanwhile officials have come to a harsh realization with reports coming out this week that Canada is a likely Al Qaeda target, mentioned in two separate Al Qaeda tapes as such. Devoid of foreign intelligence assets, Canada is weighing either a major boost or even an all new foreign intelligence agency to handle the load.

More foreign spy muscle

OTTAWA (CP) – Jim Bronskill, Canadian Press

Canada’s public safety minister says the country needs a more robust foreign spying capability to counter terrorists out to attack the civilized world.

Stockwell Day told a conference on national security Wednesday the government would either create a new spy agency or expand the mandate of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. "We’re having discussions and looking at those possibilities of which one would be the most efficient and effective," he said during the event sponsored by the Conference Board of Canada.

Day suggested the money needed to launch a new service – expected to be tens of millions of dollars – would not be a barrier.

"We’re putting safety and security first, recognizing that there will be an investment required," he said after the meeting.

"When you look around the world at incidents over the last few years, certainly with groups like al-Qaida and others who have virtually declared war on the civilized, democratic world, the need for foreign-intelligence gathering is very clear."

The comments came a day after disclosure of a November 2005 report in which CSIS director Jim Judd told the former public safety minister it was "now probable" an attack by Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida network or its affiliates would occur on Canadian soil.

How alarming is it that Canada doesn’t have such an agency!? We rely on whom exactly for this now?

The USA of course which gives Canada access to foreign intelligence and who’s military might shields us. Which frankly makes the sad Liberal anti US stink in this country smell even more like the pointless flatulence it is.

Joint Response: Ardent Sentry

‘Ardent Sentry’ Testing U.S., Canadian Crisis Response
By Donna Miles American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, May 10, 2006 – More than 5,000 U.S. and Canadian servicemembers are working with authorities in five U.S. states and two Canadian provinces to test their response capabilities to crises ranging from a major hurricane to a terrorist attack to a pandemic flu outbreak.

Ardent Sentry 2006, a two-week U.S. Northern Command exercise, kicked off May 8 to test military support to federal, provincial, state and local authorities while continuing to support the Defense Department’s homeland defense mission, according to Air Force Lt. Col. Eric Butterbaugh, a NORTHCOM and North American Aerospace Defense Command spokesman. The Canadian part of the exercise began May 1 and continues through May 12. [...]