Academia nuts

Last year it was the AUT Union that was embarrassed internationally, now the other major british academic union is proposing a boycott of Israeli Universities..

British academics tell Ynetnews:
‘New academic boycott in the works amounts to anti-Semitism in effect if not intent’; Lecturers’ union ‘may pass’ resolution against ‘continuing Israeli apartheid policies,’ urging members to ‘consider their own responsibility in contacts with Israeli educational institutions or individuals’; motion blasted as ‘McCarthyist’
Yaakov Lappin


I saw this story last night at Sister Toldjah, there’s some links in there to instapundit etc and comments.

Muslim Student Union Hate week symposium at University of California Irvine via LGF

 Hate week symposium at University of California Irvine
This whole boycott story (or sequel really) goes nicely with this gem I saw at LGF!
Not only are we a nation of apartheid supporters, but we’re also nazis!

Academia gone mad in concert with the jihadists..

Featuring some real left wing jihadist aligned filth like;

Israel the 4rth Reich
Hamas the Peoples Choice
Zionism Hijacking Judaism
Islamic Palestine
The Kingdom of Saudi America

Charming, really.

Famed anti Israel ‘academic’ Norman Finkelstein is a headline speaker of course. It’s really all a little unbelievable, and popular too!

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