Israel at war

YNET Series looking at what they term the IDF Cold War

This is interesting stuff, a break down of the political and military threats facing Israel on Iran, and a view of what may lay ahead for Israel’s defense establishment in the coming cold war.

Special project: Is Israel ready for Iranian nuclear era? Security officials answer tough questions
Hanan Greenberg

Are we ready? This question resonates throughout Ynet’s special project dealing with the Iranian nuclear threat. The answer to the question has many implications – political, economic, and humanitarian. Should Israel prepare its citizens for a "Cold War" situation, an ongoing nuclear threat from an eastern enemy, or is it better to wait, allay fears, and count on the world? Has the time come to invest resources in emergency plans in case of a genuine alarm? Or do we all prefer to stick our head in the sand and believe that "everything will be alright"?

By 2009 the lives of Israelis could change dramatically. The IDF Intelligence Branch believes that if the current rate of progress continues, Tehran will acquire a nuclear bomb by 2009, in essence forcing a Cold War situation on Israel, or worse if judging by the threats emanating from Tehran these days.

read in full if you’d like at Ynet.

Pretty ominous stuff, if anything this is likely to be the warmest cold war yet. Radical Muslim elements seem to have a greater tendency to violence than the old Soviet Union.

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