Mouthpiece for the enemy

the UK Independent.

The amount of propaganda and distorted trash that emanates from this newspaper in the UK is astounding, every visit no matter what day month or year, I find something disturbing printed online there. Let’s take a look at the news story today of a letter sent from Iran, to Dubya down south in the great US of A.

Iranians aren’t morons, even if the people who write about them in the Independent clearly are

Saddam managed to squirm his way around the UN for over a decade, the Iranians have it even easier. Their now 20 year old clandestine nuclear program revealed to the planet has resulted in very little world muscle so far. Every week another story about Iran agreeing to this deal in Russia, that deal with the EU, progress on talks..

Then the reality which was no secret is revealed of no progress, openly defiant enrichment, etc. Some areas of the media are so excited to undermine the US / EU effort to stop the Iranian nuclear plan they apparently write the stuff up before it even happens!

Dhimmi Love Fest at the Independent

In an extraordinary about-turn, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has reached out to George Bush, suggesting "new solutions" to improve Tehran’s fraught relations with the US and the West, as they try to halt Iran’s suspected drive to acquire nuclear weapons.

The offer is contained in a letter to Mr Bush, the first such missive by an Iranian head of state to a US leader since diplomatic ties between the two countries were severed in 1979 as a result of the Islamic revolution which brought about the downfall of the Shah and the subsequent siege of the US embassy in Tehran.

Announcing the move, an Iranian government spokesman made no mention of the nuclear row. It was, he said, designed to address broader disagreements between the two countries dating back to 1979 ­ and, some would say, the US-backed coup of 1953 when Mohammed Mossadegh, Iran’s left-leaning Prime Minister, was overthrown.

Almost certainly however, Mr Ahmadinejad has deliberately played his gambit ahead of an important vote by the UN Security Council which might lead to sanctions. Russia and China, both veto-wielding powers, have made clear they oppose punitive action against Tehran, and the letter may be a bid to tilt other council members the same way. [...]

In an extraordinary about-turn, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has reached out to George Bush!!

Can you believe the sap who must have wrote that? Did he read the letter, unlikely of course.. All he had to do was read INTO the letter for exactly what the Independent prints, which is fantasy land Jihad propaganda. This slimeball Assmad in Iran daily threatens the World, talks about destroying the USA, wiping Israel off the map, building 20 nuclear reactors..

He is at full bore developing ballistic missiles for nuclear weapon delivery!? His country is the godfather of terrorist supporting nations, and all he has to do is mail a freekin letter and the Independent makes him seem like the Dalai Lama or Jesus himself come again.

Let’s look at what Debka has to say about the letter, and they are claiming an exclusive source look at the contents:

Neither of the letters Mahmoud Ahmadinejad mailed Sunday, May 7, to George W. Bush represents an olive branch – just the reverse: Their writer takes a high moral tone and emphasizes the importance of Islam to mankind and the world. Neither does the Iranian president deign to offer concessions to ease international concerns and the standoff on Iran’s nuclear program.

DEBKAfile’s sources in Tehran obtained access to the first drafts of two separate communications – only one of which Iranian proposes to release to the media.

The private Note trots out the Islamic Republic’s reiteration of its right to develop nuclear energy for purely peaceful purposes and Iran’s greatness as the cradle of human civilization.

The Note intended for release is longer and couched in phrases designed for propaganda effect. Ahmadinejad complains that Iran is anxious for progress in the sciences but is constantly persecuted by the forces of "world arrogance" (i.e. the US and the West). He even harks back to the 1950s, claiming the Clinton administration had admitted that the United States had then staged a military coup to overthrow the Mossadeq regime in Tehran and install the Shah.

The Iranian president calls on the United States to give up its tough positions, which in any case are foredoomed to failure and will harm its prestige, because Washington will never bend the Islamic Republic to its will – even by sweeping sanctions.

Which of these two scenarios seems more plausible? That the deranged leader Assmad in Iran who considers himself a prophet of Allah (literally, not figuratively speaking) has had and I quote "an extraordinary about-turn", or that the letter emphasizes the importance of Islam to mankind, double speak for the need to subject us all to servitude and fulfil Islams "destiny" as a global Caliphate?

Hmm.. I wonder.

You’d think that after seeing it for a hundred years or so in conflict, we’d all have caught on by now to the concept of enemy propaganda. Fox News via AP on Condi’s reaction to reading the Iranian letter.

NEW YORK – Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice dismissed a surprise letter that Iran’s president sent to President Bush on Monday, saying it did not seriously address the standoff over Tehran’s disputed nuclear program.

In an interview with The Associated Press, the top U.S. diplomat said the letter from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was 17 or 18 pages long and covered history, philosophy and religion. It was not a diplomatic opening, she said.

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