• You’re surprised by the left turn? In the campaign didn’t Olmert promise essentially what was Peace Now’s platform in 1996?

  • Hi SD, I am very surprised, certainly Olmert discussed continuing along the lines of unilateral action in the Sharon vision should no progress come..

    But the list of changes / surprises is long to me

    • Hamas coming to power
    • The make up of the coalition is not centrist in any way, it is pandering to Labor on all fronts
    • Kadima is made up of majority former likud ministers, they did not promise or intend this particular course, they left to support Sharon on Gaza.
    • The Gaza disengagement was meant as a permanent border, this idea of disengaging to fluid borders is bullshit
    • Coalition negotiations were a sad joke
    • I was not expecting Peretz on defense, not expecting him to get deputy PM, not in light of his paltry 19 mandates or to dominate the coalition, at least in appearances until now.
    • I was strongly believing since the election that Israel our Home would be coalition members, or that Russians (traditionally conservative in Israel if not at all religious) would have a say in the new Govt, they have been shut out in liew of Meretz and Arab parties that support Israel’s dismantlement.
    • Most importantly, especially in light of election thin results, I was expecting a direct referendum on any questions of land ceding. This is proper leadership, lead - lay out a plan but let the democracy decide before you lead your own march.

    I cannot fathom how Olmert considers himself mandated and is refusing direct referendums, not when his moves will require Meretz & Arab party assistance to just barely squeeze through if at all, that’s is unacceptable.

    More than all that, I am concerned about Olmert being willing to make decisions on Iran should they be necessary, a govt entirely in opposition to the right by its makeup does not instill confidence in me at such pivotal times. The Defense Minister seems more concerned with maps of the settlements than maps of Iran, that’s Olmert’s doing all this past month. I hope history sees that fact as totally unremarkable.

    Thanks for the comment allowing me to clarify, will be posting this week to follow up on the left hand graphic that’s for sure.

  • Pay attention to Jewish Current Issues, I’ve been bugging him too. He’s a big fan of Sharon but is contemptuous of Olmert. I’ve been asking him how Olmert is acting differently from the way he expected to Sharon to. I realize his views are slightly different from yours, but overall are quite similar. I’m glad that you don’t mind!

  • Neil

    I think the most alarming thing about ‘the dude’ is his comb-over.  The prime minstrer has shown poor judgment adopting this goofy look.  As someone genetically destined for baldness, I can sympathize.  But I think we can all agree that the comb-over fools no one, and only succeeds in making you the butt of all jokes.  If we look past the issue of poor taste, I think comb-overs may be indicative of a character flaw- vanity or perhaps weakness / lack of confidence.  Our leaders need not be hirstute, but at least they should be comfortable with their flaws.  PS: Dad, if you’re reading this, don’t be insulted.  ;-)

  • I tried to use an image where the ‘swirl’ was being kept under control.. The Shamir and Ben Gurion look with the mad scientist thing going on is more my favorite, but Ehud is too fashionable to go for that.

    Whatever the case may be, he clearly wants to stay away from hats..
    Olmert in likud inspired Hamas hat Photoshop Gag
    (Photo: Olmert in likud ‘inspired’ Hamas hat Photoshop Gag)

  • Neil