Israel raises Iranian stakes

Jewish State will not stand by idly

It was coming out in Stereo today, from both sides of the political spectrum. When the wandering and slightly clueless doves like Shimon Peres make statements about halting the Iranian nuclear program you know things must be getting serious..

Bibi NetanyahuOpposition leader Bibi on CNN via the Dow Jones wire service

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)–Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday on CNN’s "Late Edition" that his country hopes international pressure would force Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions, but didn’t rule out other action by Israel.

"I think that Israel is a very strong country, and Israel has known in the past and will know in the future how to defend itself," Netayahu said on the program.

"But we would all prefer to see a solution if possible, a peaceful solution led by the American pressure on Iran to disarm or to discontinue its nuclear program."

He warned that Iran’s potential threat extends beyond Israel and the Middle East. "If this (Iranian) regime will be armed with nuclear weapons, the the danger for the entire world will be enormous," he said on CNN. "If people are worried about the oil prices today, wait till Iran has a nuclear umbrella Arabian peninsula. That would really push oil prices high."

Also coming out swinging was Shimon Peres, and Ynet pulled out all the stops with some video for the occasion.

"They want to wipe out Israel … Now when it comes to destruction, Iran too can be destroyed (but) I don’t suggest to say an eye for an eye," Peres told Reuters in an interview.

"Israel would defend itself under any condition but we don’t look upon it as an Iranian-Israeli conflict exclusively … (Iran) is basically a danger to the world, not just to us."

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