World’s greatest handshaking videos

New Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz displays some of his kung-fu style defense skill prowess, walks the never ending handshake line..

Video courtesy of Reuters

Outgoing Minister Shaul Mofaz:

"I would like to welcome the deputy to the prime minister and defence minister Amir Peretz and wish him good luck. I am sure he will succeed in leading this complex, sensitive system and the most important one in the state of Israel, to take responsibility for the security of the citizens of the state of Israel and for the future of the state of Israel and to give a response to all of the present challenges and the challenges of tomorrow. Amir, good luck."

Translation: This guy is totally unqualified, I’d really like to shake this guy’s hand.. he’s crazy!

Incoming Minister Peretz:

"To our Palestinian neighbors we say: Not through the path of terror will you accomplish your goals. You must abandon the terrorism, combat incitement, and then you will again find the hand of the Israeli government extended towards you with a readiness to reach agreements, with the price of painful concessions".

Translation: Even on my first day I’m impressing everyone at the hashmonean with my tough ‘we’re ready to concede’ Defense Minister stand, that’s right! Show me a fight and I’ll show you a perfect spot to illustrate the strategy of concession!

These inspiring words of defense don’t rouse images of smashing terrorists, rocket launching kassam teams, or existential threats to Israel from Iran, Hamas, Al Qaeda, instead Peretz is taking a softer approach, first establishing he’s weak - before actually getting weak on the ground.. I like it, it’s very Zen.

  • Hashem help us, he is supposed to kill the bad guys who are trying to kill us – not give in to them. I guess the biggest accomplishment that Peretz will achieve is improving our prayers! (sort of like the old joke about the bus driver and the rabbi).

  • I understand your perspective entirely, hopefully the momentum and raw inertia of the defense system in Israel will do the job for Peretz, he seems much more concerned with sending the police and mishmar hagvul to evict Israelis than fight its real enemies.

    First order of business was map out settlements for dismantling, ridiculous. As if there aren’t enough other more pressing issues to deal with. I can see the line up of senior defense officers retiring in the next 6 months growing from here.