Straw Jacked in Britain

I guess I’ll have less opportunity to make light of Jack Straw the former Foreign Minister in the UK going forward. Jacko got jacked today. His habit of sticking straw in his mouth probably didn’t aid his cause, and I can’t say I’m too torn up about the whole thing.

I’m sure he did his job admirably, it’s the constant giving in to tyrants and his projection of never ending European weakness I took exception of! Replacing Mr. Straw in the cabinet shuffle via the BBC is one Margaret Beckett of whom I’ve never heard of yet, but I hope her balls are a bit bigger than Jack’s.. She’s supposedly from what I’ve gleaned so far in google the previous environment secretary.

Now she gets Iraq, Iran and Hamas, making for quite possibly one of the filthiest environments to work in there is, she better don a chem suit.