Olmert’s Hard Sell

I haven’t had much opportunity to blog this week, but I most certainly have been reading the PR released by Israel’s new Government, or more specifically PM Olmert the past two days. Olmert is out like a door to door salesman, but I’m skeptical about how many are in the the mood to buy right now.

Convergence, it has that future ring to it..

Convergence is the answer is what Olmert will tell you, as illustrated by Haaretz who themselves can’t wait to disamantle settlements, they are in full blown glee! Or how about the plan to divide Jerusalem, that’s always a popular one, not! Worldnet has the details on the ‘Jerusalem Factor‘ of the Olmert plan, but the more I read the more it looks to me like Olmert is in for a tough sell..

Olmert needs to up the ante, but the kitty looks empty

The only way this plan stands a chance of some success is if the rest of the World recognizes Israel’s moves as borders, if it’s just to concede land what’s the purpose clearly. Getting the big settlement blocks recognized as final borders will be difficult in the extreme on a planet that considers all the territories illegally occupied..

Worse yet, if anything I see money as a huge factor (when isn’t it!) How’s Israel going to pay for this, compensate the settlers, build new communities etc is still the big whole missing in all the big plans.

If anything that’s when the fireworks will really start, I’m eager to see the EU reaction to the announcements of new settlement plots and zones in Maaleh Adumim, Ariel and the other big blocks, the plots to handle the converged Israelis.. That’s sure to be a good time!

I’m starting a convergence category for posts, as this soap opera will be a whopper..