Independence day

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I just came in and it has been a relaxing Independence day so far, and you can’t ask for more than that! News in Israel is also relaxed, too bad it’s been raining here (no, not in Israel lol).

I’m told that Daled Amos has an independence day sort of Meme going on, posting an interesting story about a time in Israel, I’m down for that and I’ve also gotten informally tagged so even better, just have to choose one.. (a story that is)

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Picking Sabras..

I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent many summers in Israel with friends and family (about 8 or nine summers if I count), which is pretty great. Obviously there are many great memories but here’s one for no particular reason from a summer in Ramat Efal.

This is going back at least about 23 years or so, and Ramat Efal was a very small place back then (not that it’s massive now) but I spent a great summer there when I was a kid. One memory that sticks out despite being unseasonably young was fire making on the holot (or sand dunes) down the street, but that’s not very politically correct today so I’ll choose another memory, Sabras Picking!

My older brother and cousin had decided one morning that the wild fields about 5 minutes away on a ratty old bike were ripe for Sabras picking. Now if you don’t know what a sabras is, it’s the fruit of the cactus and somewhat of a national icon in Israel. Sweet on the inside but with nasty spikes on the outside..

When I say spikes, it can be misleading, these are more akin to invisible splinters.. I think I recall being given rubber gloves of the sort to wash dishes with as ‘so called protection’, before being handed a patch of cactus trees and the task of piling some Sabras in a bucket (I was about 7 or 8 years old).

Despite the withering heat, despite the totally ineffective rubber gloves, and despite the fact that at the time I don’t think I had ever even eaten a sabra before, I recall a morning filled with pain, laughter, and buckets full of green fruit of the cacti.. It took at least a week to get all the splinters out of my hands, legs arms etc but those fruit were first peeled, then sold by my more resourceful older brother and cousin..

I’ve never been Sabra picking again, but I wouldn’t trade that bucket full of spiky fruit today for all the money in the World : )

Have a Happy Independence Day, and follow the Meme links for more thoughts on Israel, heck that’s what I’m doing! ; )