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Israel’s eye popping economy

A glance at these numbers tells the tale, despite the terrorists best attempts, or the recent fashionable boycott syndrome one would have to be a lunatic to divest from Israel.

The economy is on fire.

Globes has the details:

Israel growing at over 6.6%
The Central Bureau of Statistics says industrial output rose by an annualized 7.4% in February-April.
Zeev Klein 31 May 06 14:49

Israel’s economy is now growing at over 6.6%, its growth rate during the first quarter, according to collated economic indicators for February-April 2006, published by the Central Bureau of Statistics today. The data indicate that industrial output rose by an annualized 7.4% in February-April, imports of raw materials increased by an annualized 8.7%, and the export of goods rose by an annualized 8.8%.

Tourist hotel overnights rose by an annualized 58% in February-April. Trade and service proceeds rose by 2.4%, and labor inputs rose by an annualized 8.9%. Only one indicator, import of investment goods, fell by an annualized 9.6% in February-April.

The unemployment rate is continuing to drop. The unemployment rate fell to 8.7% in the first quarter from 8.8% in the fourth quarter of 2005, 8.9% in the third quarter and 9.1% in the second quarter.

High Praise for the IDF

Peretz giving the IDF some ropeIDF Special Forces ambush Kassam cells

Fresh from their recent hezbollah stomping victory, the IDF nets another big success. This time ground troopers flex their skills, 7 Islamic Jihad terrorists killed in clashes and kassam cells busted-in mid launch

IDF Special Forces operated deep inside the Gaza Strip late Monday night in the first ground operation there since this past summer’s disengagement, killing four Islamic Jihad operatives on their way to fire Kassam rockets at Israeli targets. In West Bank violence, three Palestinians were killed in clashes with IDF troops.

The military force laid ambush later Monday night for terrorists in the northern Gaza village of Beit Lahyia. Backed up by IAF helicopter fire, the ground troops opened fire at a terror cell they spotted on its way to launch Kassams and killed four while wounding an additional eight. [...]

Peretz maintains the even keel, giving the IDF some rope has resulted in yet another success. The Jericho Siege, the blistering campaign against Islamic Jihad, the crippling strikes to Hezbollah watch stations. These big victories dictate the tenor of the conflict, the IDF is doing some good work.

Iraq in 60 minutes – Complete the mission.

Recently I had a chance to voice my support for the Iraq mission with to a buddy in the comments thread. I was looking forward to Tony Blair’s US visit this past weekend, as it was clear that Iran & Iraq would be top shelf issues for the two leaders to discuss.

The press conference on c-span is Iraq in 60 minutes or less, why the allies are fighting, what the results are, and where the road is heading. Blair makes some clearly impassioned and reasoned pleas with detractors, plainly stating how our lack of support and unity on the issue is handing a victory to the Islamists. Check it out if cutting through the media bs is of interest to you, this is the action delivered from the horses mouths so to speak.

LGF in the news

Charles over at little green footballs, veteran at absorbing insult from anti-israel, anti-american and the other usual jihadi suspects is in the news today over at Ynet..

Seems he’s a zionist pig according to less savory tastes, what endears me the most is the absurd flak he takes constantly, made all the more rich by the fact that he isn’t Jewish.. This time the insults were special, coming from a Reuters company account, tsk tsk..

Two strikes and they are out

Just like the transformers, there’s more than meets the eye in this weekend’s "L’affaire Lebanon"

The initial volley of fire that hit Israel coming from Hezbollah occupied Lebanon was in retaliation for the killing of a senior Islamic Jihad terrorist killed in a car bomb.  Several katyusha rockets later IAF forces hit two Palestinian militant bases, that would have been the end of things if South Lebanon were a half normal place, but it isn’t.

It’s all in the escalation.

After the initial round robin heavy fire started coming down on northern Israel, and the response from Ehud Olmert was plain and swift.

Haaretz on the IAF destruction of Hezbollah listening posts along the northern border

A senior IDF staff officer told Haaretz that the IDF response in the afternoon was the most severe in the past six years since Israel withdrew its forces from southern Lebanon.

He said that some 20 positions were targeted with artillery, anti-tank missiles and light weapons. The air force struck two trucks carrying Katyusha launchers, destroying both. "The Hezbollah has a lot of repair work to do," the officer added.

However, at the General Staff concerns were expressed yesterday regarding the accuracy of Hezbollah’s Katyusha rockets. At about 5 P.M. the government of Lebanon issued a request through the United Nations force there (UNIFIL) for an immediate cease-fire. Israel acceded to the request, and the shooting stopped on both sides.

What interests me is the escalation, a Palestinian issue flares up with the aid of Syria & Iran through Hezbollah and all of a sudden the real danger of serious conflict becomes ever more apparent. The unwillingness of Lebanon’s PM Siniora to move against Hezbollah is a strategic threat to the whole region.

Lebanon is drawn in, the security council is drawn in, Israel is drawn in. By default Hezbollah drags in Iran and Syria.. If tensions escalate between Israel & Iran, and they will, this hyper prone to escalation animal that is Hezbollah and the tens of thousands of rockets they aim at Israel will make Lebanon ground zero for the ensuing military conflict.


Israel again made it plain that it expects Lebanon to deploy Lebanese army troops to the south and reign in Hezbollah once and for all, and comply with numerous fresh UN resolutions.. The response so far in Lebanon is denial.

Lebanese Foreign Minister Fawzi Salloukh on Sunday accused Israel of "warlike aggression" against Lebanon following a string of Israel Air Force raids against militant positions on Lebanese soil, which were preceded by the firing of missiles into Israel from southern Lebanon.

"We consider the Israeli acts as a warlike aggression," the minister said. He stressed that Lebanon would carry out an investigation into the origin of the rockets fired at Israel earlier from southern Lebanon.

Following a request from the Lebanese government, United Nations peace-keepers brokered a cease-fire early Sunday evening between Israel and Hezbollah, bring the fighting to an end. [...]

A Lebanese official said the cease-fire was reached after Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora held contacts with UN peacekeepers, Hezbollah and the U.S., French and Russian ambassadors.

Siniora blamed Israel for the hostilities, saying an Israeli withdrawal from the Shaaba Farms, a sliver of territory occupied by Israel and claimed by Lebanon, was "the only way to stop the cycle of violence."

Expect more of the same denial and incompetence when things really start to smoke on the Lebanese border due to Iran, this round is over but the Iranian escalation has just begun.

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