Haveil Havalim #67

If the Hebrew term Haveil Havalim eludes you, don’t feel too bad because I had never heard of any carnival before a few weeks ago.

You can rest assured that in my short 11 week career so far as a ‘snarky, somewhat radical, zionist maniac blogger’® I’ve never hosted one either, but that’s about to change for the better..

Welcome to the HAVEIL HAVALIM # 67

The Vanity of Vanities, it’s the "Jewish issue blogging greatest hits of the week" so to speak.

The round up of round ups, and while Neil Diamond or select members of the Beastie Boys will NOT be making an appearance, a smorgasbord of Jewish Bloggers and friends will. Thanks of course to Soccer Dad who’s created the carnival, and the hosts which alter every week, as well as clearly the fine bloggers for their contributions to the most overused word of last year, the Blogosphere..


Clearly, this week featured Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom Hashoah.. I’m a grandson of Holocaust survivors so many of the posts were very moving, and a wonderful tribute.

Rafi at Life in Israel took more than the standard two minutes out to reflect on the melting pot known as his office, and the effect of Yom Hashoa on himself and co-workers. Back in America Wildthing caught my eye with the USA’s Days of Remembrance before being whisked away back in time by Treppenwitz and Fred Basci’s most intense story.

Menachem at AJHistory dedicated his reflections to lost family, both his and all of ours including some video and a poignant closing expression calling for justice. That’s a good thing too because on this day of remembrance, WestBankMama now knows she can dispense it if needed.

Akiva at Mystical paths remembers his father in law, Nazi Prisoner 97240, who may have crossed paths with my own grandmother at Dachau, before she was moved to Auschwitz while his own difficult journey included Stutthoff and Mulldorf. If you visit the Gates of Vienna you’ll likely find Dymphna, raised Roman Catholic but reflecting on the life altering reality of Jewish persecution, then and now.

Which got me to thinking about the Nazi horrors of bookworm’s post and the Righteous Among the Nations (wikipedia), and as Deja Vu pointed out, the sometimes not so righteous. Some of the artwork shown last week and done by HH’s official artist Dzeni, is being featured again this week because it is quite fitting.

Righteous Among the Nations (click for full image)There are many more moving stories and tributes, over 6 Million of them and that speaks to nothing of the endless stories that are, and were simply to painful for many to tell and re-live or that were sadly lost.

The truth is it’s hard to come to terms with the realities of these events even 60 years on, as Irina at the IgNoble Experiment realized this week, I’ll close the Shoah chapter with some additional links she featured.

While the survivors of that generation are sadly leaving us with the passing of time, their memories and perseverance stay with the rest of us forever.. When our new generations say Never Again, we mean it.


The threats abound, both external and internal depending upon whom you ask. With coalitions forming, borders seemingly moving, and the bad guys ever massing, Bloggers were out in ideological force this week in their defense of the House of Israel.

The Reb Haim HaQoton gave a religious examination of Zionism, while Secular Blasphemy looked at the socialist left’s Norwegian boycott which has gone crack, pop and fizzle. Joe Settler found some shades of Nostradamus in an old tome, but it won’t comfort Irina who has foreseen Iran at a college near you.

Jumping back a bit but in the spirit of Holocaust remembrance Mensa Barbie looked at the Lebanese take in video, and finds the lack of humanity chilling. Here at the Hashmonean I had a Lebanese stir of my own, which ties in nicely with Michael J. Totten & Lisa visiting the Israel / Lebanon border this week, and discovering that things may explode at any moment.

Biur Chametz burnt the midnight oil on borders, while Israel Matzav did a little border examination of his own. Ze’ev at Israel Perspectives did some reflection on the purpose of the State of Israel, while Ocean Guy feels he may already have handle on it, so is taking up arms in the real war for Palestine. Neither are alone in their quest, the Elder of Ziyon has also joined the cause, wielding remarkably simple clarity regarding the fallacies of the occupation and terror.

Snoopy the goon finds the lighter side of Assmad in Iran, while Israel Matzav is all together feeling more serious and tries to resist the Iranian temptation. Back in Israel with coalitions forming Batya took issue to the cash grab in the Israeli political system, and The Sunken Synagogue got out the wit clearly not overly impressed himself.

Tel-Chai Nation took a peek at another coalition partner this week, Shas. Which has nothing to do with Egypt, where you won’t find Big Pharaoh either, but he took exception to the latest absurd conspiracy theory that Israel was responsible for the Dahab Bombings! Daled Amos found the groveling Europeans up to their usual games regarding wordplay, I don’t think he was particularly impressed by their scrabble skills and I can’t say I blame him.

Also looking at Europe as well as living it first hand, Melanie Phillips saw the lights go out. Ezzie wondered how the political scene might be different today if the Bulldog was still at the helm. Crossing the Rubicon2 may have been somewhat rushed, but she still found time to spot Israelis in Iran of all places, (and I’m not talking about Sayeret Matkal – wiki).

At Protein Wisdom Juan Cole was in the spotlight, Juan has also taken it upon himself to defend the "Paper", but our friends at LGF seem to have gone rather reptilian on him, so thanks for that.

Speaking of the "Paper" Yourish went to town highlighting a piece that burns it up nicely. The mighty Israpundit is a fine place to get a daily dose of Chutzpah, Soccerdad contributes and sees plenty in the Hamas. Atlas Shrugs, who can probably carry a small planet brings us UN Ambassador Bolton on Iran, with video yet.

FOOD for Thought

Batya at me-ander has the latest Kosher Cooking Carnival up, thankfully for us carnivores out there she also muses on the virtues of meat. Listening to techno thus excusably arriving a little bit late, Josh Cohen looked at the last day of Pesach and not food per say, but the dishes. Mordechai has clearly unknowingly spent a few Passovers by me, as he examines the phenomenon of busting the Hametz fast with the ever popular pipping hot Pizza. If pie isn’t your thing Life in Israel may be able to help with the search for rogelach.

The passing this week of the Satmar Rabbi had the Chassidic Community deep in thought, clearly joined by I’m Haaretz, PhD who’s own concerns are evident, The Life of Rubin had some images of the Rebbe’s funeral. My Right Word let us know that a man he admired also recently passed looking at Yuval Neeman, I may be totally mistaken but I think I read this week he was the father of Israel’s space program.

At Beyond Teshuva Shoshana reflected on Tznius, while David Linn on a family trip got to thinking about the blessings of all things green, or at least those that blossom with fruit. Over at Elie’s Expo Elie posted about the magic of charity, and the power of those we love to help us fulfil it, wherever they may be.

The Augean Stables who’s fascinating France posts I caught last month featured a Cry From Ory Wiesel’s Heart, looking at the chaotic and difficult medical scene preparing for the rush of Terror Victims, and speaking of chaos Woland has found that opposites attract.

Perspectives of a Nomad got a little artsy this week, but for a rather important cause. The nimble and entertaining Jack has found Jews in the strangest places, please don’t tell anyone I’m superman Jack! Speaking of hidden identities, Jameel rebounded from the issue with a Meme, though it may seem odd to link to a Meme, if you read the other posts you’ll figure out why it’s topical at the Muqata this week.


Dr. Helen took some issue that I share to the defeatist descriptions of the photographer, but being a bachelor I was naturally enamoured with the dozens of female Israeli Soldiers, carnival indeed! The ever entertaining AbbaGav, had a veritable picorama this week, first he discovered a whole new way to literally smoke ‘em out of their holes, then he featured the ever photogenic Hamasniks playing Civil War, be careful with that dynamite boys.

Israellycool did fun some captioning this week as well, and Soccer Dad who’s blog routinely kicks the football out of the park, did a little pictorial footwork of his own. Daled Amos had a whole other picture thing going on with something that might appeal to hollywood.. If not for the reality of it all. On a much more sombre note, A Simple Jew had an excellent photo essay of the Irgun fighter Dov Grunner hung by the British, fighting for Israel.

Remembering Israel's fallen soldiersThat I think covers all that were submitted and many more, if you were missed apologies. Be sure to get on it for the next edition, should be a doosie with Israel first remembering all her fallen soldiers (May 02).

Followed immediately of course by Independence Day! (May 03)

My profound thanks to Soccerdad for his great tips, hopefully with all the new places discovered over the next while my blogroll can grow above the few links I have now as I explore all your writings.

Next week Crossing the Rubicon2 is your HH host (round2 for her) you can submit your links to the rubicon edition of the carnival here. That’s somewhat better than emailing gailmail at gmail dot com from my experience this week.

Until then, happy surfing from the Hashmonean : )
Am Israel Chai.

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