Shame in Italy

WWII Italian Liberation Day celebrations feature the burning of the flag of Israel

*Updated below April 28 

I’ve blogged a few times recently about the Italian election, and the subsequent results on Italy & Israel’s recent warm ties & relationship. Again, that relationship is showing more signs of strain with a new Italian Left Wing Govt who’s coalition includes radical left wing components, Communists and virulent anti Israel hatreds..

Then – Italy Under Silvio Berlusconi 11.03.05

YNET: Italians rally for Israel

Pro-Israel demonstration held in Rome following recent statements made by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying Israel ‘should be wiped off the map.’ Rome mayor: It is only natural that a city that advocates peace and dialogue object to any kind of intolerance

A pro-Israel demonstration was held in Rome Thursday following recent statements made by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying Israel "should be wiped off the map."

Approximately 15,000 people participated in the rally, which was accompanied with chants of "viva Israel! viva freedom!" the website of the Italian newspaper La Republica reported. The rally was concluded with the singing of the Israeli national anthem, "Hatikvah." [...]

Protesters included right and left-wing politicians, local celebrities and Walter Veltroni, the mayor of Rome.

Now – Italy under new PM Prodi 26.04.06

Prodi waves to supporters during WWII Liberation Day march Italy: Israel angry at burning of flags

Ambassador to Rome says he was filled with ‘Shame, rage’ after two Israeli flags were burned during demonstration commemorating liberation of Italy at end of World War Two; demonstrators also shouted ‘Zionists, assassins’ and ‘free Palestine’ [...]

The flags were set ablaze by a small group of left-wing demonstrators, who also shouted "Zionists, assassins" and "free Palestine" at a Jewish delegation which took part in the largely peaceful march in Milan on Tuesday.

Centre-left leader and prime minister-in-waiting Romano Prodi strongly condemned the incident, which added to political tensions after his narrow victory in this month’s election.

Prodi’s centre-right rivals accused him of hypocrisy, saying his broad coalition included anti-Israel activists.

"As a Jew and an Israeli, I was filled with shame and rage yesterday at the sight of the barbaric behavior by the ‘fascists’ of the extreme left," Israeli ambassador Ehud Gol said in a strongly worded statement.

The Vatican newspaper called the trampling and burning of Israeli flags a "disgusting" offense to all Jews. [...]

Photo credit: AP

Prodi who is optimistic about EU dialogue with Hamas terrorists has in less than two weeks presided on now over two foreign policy embarrassments regarding Israel, one his own doing, and one thanks to his hard left wing coalition supporters, this is Italy not Iran or Pakistan, or Hamastan..

BBC: The anti-Israel demonstrations were reportedly prompted by the presence of Israeli flags in honour of the Jewish Brigade, whose members died helping to liberate Italy.

Also looking at Italy’s left wing today LGF , Israellycool and over at Harrys Place which is quite socialist, but always fair with Israel there’s a photo and they are equally not impressed.

Update April 28

Italian authorities investigate anti-Israel protests at Milan march

By The Associated Press

ROME – Italian authorities are investigating anti-Israeli protests that marred a march in Milan commemorating the 61st anniversary of Italy’s liberation from fascism, a prosecutor said Friday.

Armando Spataro, an anti-terrorism prosecutor in the northern city, said a number of people have been placed under investigation for incitement to commit a crime, causing damage and holding an unauthorized demonstration.

Spataro refused to release the number of those investigated or their nationality, saying only that police had identified them as having taken part in Tuesday’s protests, during which demonstrators trampled and burned Israeli flags and shouted slogans in support of the Palestinians

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  • AY

    Without a doubt, it wasn’t very nice. But at the same time, there’s no need to make a big deal out of it. People attach far too much importance to a piece of cloth these days. Nationalism never got anyone anywhere good.

  • Howdy,

    Sure, I certainly understand your point.

    I felt a feeling of real disappointment when Prodi was elected, even though I’m not Italian, I’m just an Italian ally. I think I’d feel the same way if elections down under resulted in a loss of moral clarity in that important place too! Cheers.

  • AY

    I don’t know. It’s never that black and white. Professor Prodi won’t have the mandate (nor the backbone) to change Italy. But I believe Mr. Berlusconi is a scoundrel. =D When someone controls over 90% of a country’s media, there’s no such a thing as altruism/objectivity anymore. As for us poor souls Down Under, let me just say, our economic policies are atrocious (myopic/band-aid-like). Our PM has no scruples. I think, there’s a need to do-away with this right-wing OR left-wing BS. Extremism on either side is no good for anyone. A little objectivity goes a long way. Btw, you could say I am a Zionist, in my own way. But… there’s no justification for moral relativity. Look at the world today – it’s a mess. No thanks to extremist policies everywhere. :-(

  • I’m still hearing ya, by happenstance I’m not a total stranger to your part of the world. I read a lot of New Zealand stuff because it is so anti Israel, and I end up reading a lot of Aussie stuff because of the sharia push and the noise Australian more radical Muslims have been making lately.

    I can’t speak for obvious reasons to the details on your PM much domestically in all honesty, but he comes off as pretty tough on the foreign policy, I kind of respect that with you guys (and gals) so close to the Asian radical Islamist hot-spots and the murdering of Aussie innocents. You’re civilian targets and I find that highly offensive.

    Re your extremist point, I don’t know about Australia, but the rift betwen right and left here in NA is becoming chasmic, very wide indeed and mean too. No doubt extremism of all stripes is a massive problem, then again I’m a conservative canadian, by default considered an extremist here in a very Liberal country Wink

    Just on Italy again, I hope you’re really right about Prodi not being able to impact too much, it would be a real shame for Israel & Italy to regress the strong progress made the last few years, Israel needs allies, and lordy do I love Israel lol.

    appreciate your comments

  • Michele Tocchi

    I’m italian and I strongly condemn what happened a few days ago in my country; but I have also to say that only four- five demonstrators did it, and that all the centre- left coalition led by Prodi doesnt’ want Israel death…Then, it’s true that the left coalition also includes parties loving Palestine rather than Israel, but you should know that Berlusconi’ s coalition includes post- fascist and FASCIST parties, which hate not only Israel, but also the jewish identity in itself!!

  • Thanks for the comment Michele, appreciate you speaking up and giving the other view.

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