Israel’s little miracles

It’s Yom Hashoa, or Holocaust Remembrance Day today and of course having been touched by this tragedy personally the day certainly carries meaning for me. I was looking at Haaretz and saw an update to the effect that the young American who was critically injured in the TA Suicide Bombing attack has emerged from his coma after 9 days.. Still a long way to go, but these little miracles are a good start! He’s only 16 years old, he’s got a long life ahead.

Sadistic Sinai Slaughter

I was also surprised (in a good way) watching Israeli news that no Israelis had been badly hurt or killed in the vicious triple bombing in the Egyptian Sinai last night. Terrible what’s going down in the desert, this is the 3rd Sinai Al Qaeda attack. Now one begins to wonder if operational support of any kind may be coming from the Gaza Strip going forward, Al Qaeda is becoming active there and unlike Vegas, what happens in the Sinai doesn’t nec. stay in the Sinai..

Over 30 innocents killed and a hundred wounded by terrorist scum. Last I checked it was confirmed two of the bombs were martyrdom attacks. I’m also thinking about the Bin Laden tape from two days ago, was a signal hidden in the message? Timing seems very tight indeed, seems pretty plausible.