Hamas persona non grata in Jordan

Keep MovingThe Jordanians are furious over a plot to target senior Jordanian figures by Hamas’ Damascus head office. Hamas is not only blowing stuff up now, they apparently burn bridges too!

YNET via AP: Jordanian government spokesman says terror group members arrested last week were in final phase of plotting attack on Jordanian targets under orders from Syria

Terrorists arrested last week were in the final phase of plotting an attack on Jordanian targets under orders from a Hamas official in Syria, government spokesman Nasser Judeh said Tuesday.

Judeh would not say how many activists had been arrested or what their nationality was.

"They received instructions from Hamas leaders, specifically an official from the military wing of Hamas movement who is currently in Syria," He told The Associated Press. He declined to identify who this leader was.

The activists had "Reached the implementation phase of operations that targeted Jordanian institutions and public figures," he said

Weapon seizures, arrests, and sagging support for the Hamas. ‘Keep Moving’ Mashal doing a masterful job of screwing Haniyeh, but GOOD!

Abbas finally gets angry at something!?

Abbas: Meshal is a ‘civil war monger’

By Arnon Regular

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas launched an unprecedented attack against Hamas in interviews with anti-Syrian newspapers in Jordan and Lebanon and CNN-Turk that were released yesterday. Abbas implicitly threatened to disband the Hamas government, and called Hamas’ political leader Khaled Meshal a "civil war monger" for trying, under Syrian influence, to ignite internal Palestinian warfare.

Abbas, who is on a visit to Turkey, also hinted yesterday for the first time that he can disband the government.

"The constitution gives me clear and definite authority to remove a government from power, but I don’t want to use this authority," he said in the CNN-Turk interview that was broadcast yesterday, but recorded before his arrival in Turkey Sunday. "Everyone should know that by law this power is in my hands."

Abbas added that "Hamas has to face the facts and establish communication with Israel," or the Palestinian people would be left to starve due to the party’s policies that have led to a cut of funding from the United States and European Union.

"Without help, we can’t stand on our feet long," he warned. [...]