PLO vs Hamas: Sibling rivalry?

I was talking to my bro on the phone and he asks me (I’ll paraphrase here):

How come you didn’t have anything on the terrorist named chief of Palestinian Security, what is this total silence at the hashmonean?

This being a reference to the Hamas Terrorist made Palestinian Security Chief (Reuters), as well as rub about my lack of posts over Passover.. Apparently, the mass exodus of the Jewish people from bondage through legendary plagues, leading up to the giving of Gd’s laws to the people (a profound act which helped shape the modern world as we know it today), does not constitute reason enough for me to skip a few blogging days lol Tongue out

While I’m playing with my brother somewhat here who was playing with me, I’d like to reveal a reason I have not posted this tidbit for comment. When a Terrorist Organization appoints a Terrorist to lead security it is an expected move, I have not deluded myself at all as to whom would control the Palestinian security services with Hamas in power, terrorists that’s who! I found other aspects much more relevant..

The only newsworthy bit I gleaned from this issue so far, is that Hamas has written their new security chief a death warrant.

We’ve been given a glimpse at what will probably be the 1st Hamas terrorist in Govt to be liquidated <— that’s the real headline.

It should have read:
Hamas issues death warrant – Dead man walking appointed to head security.

Now every time this guy so much as passes gas, the Shin Bet will know about it and knowing the Israelis.. maybe even be able to pre-emptively avert their nose.

Hashmonean safety tip of the week
This is not the guy you want to be setting up a new carpool route with.